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Study for a PhD

SKOPE welcomes applications from high quality students with an interest in the field of work, employment, skills and training. ESRC funding is available for doctoral students on a competitive basis.

Full details of the facilities available for graduate students in the University are available at the Graduate Centre.

SKOPE would welcome topics in the following areas:

Prof Ewart Keep

  • UK skills policy formation and the nature of the policy process
  • Divergent skills policies between the UK nations
  • Tensions between the economic and non-economic aspects of adult learning/Lifelong learning policies
  • The links between skills policy and business improvement/economic development
  • Adult learning for low paid workers
  • Lifelong learning strategies in an era of austerity
  • Collective employer action on skills

Prof Caroline Lloyd

  • Low wage work – causes, consequences, solutions
  • Progression in the labour market
  • Comparative research (particularly France, Norway, Germany, USA, Australia, UK); skill, labour markets, quality of work.
  • Work organisation and skill utilisation
  • Skills policy
  • Sectoral studies of economic performance and the role of labour and the state.

As applications for funding are very competitive, students interested in studying for a PhD are encouraged to contact us as early in the academic year as possible so that a strong application can be made.