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KES participates in a range of seminar activities within the School of Social Sciences. Each of these is described in more detail below.

Weekly Seminars and Supervisions

The weekly seminars are a distinctive feature of the KES programme and reflect our commitment to a sociological model of learning. Each week, KES postgraduate students, staff and researchers meet for an informal seminar in which current work in progress or academic debates are discussed.

The seminars provide a supportive setting in which postgraduate students and academic staff can put forward ideas for papers, projects or publications and receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. Typical seminar discussion topics will therefore include draft chapters or papers, strategies for data collection and analysis, ideas for research proposals, conference reports and the implications of new research publications or policy proposals.

School and Research Centre Seminars

Within the School of Social Sciences research is promoted through a series of research groups, many of which organise seminars through which they disseminate their research activities and findings. KES members contribute to these programmes and also attend seminars and lectures hosted by other groups. Recent speakers addressing topics of interest to KES members include: Bruno Latour, Sheila Jasanoff, Maggie O’Neill, Celia Lury, Melissa Leach, Brian Wynne, Marilyn Strathern and Will Hutton.

Major Conferences

KES member regularly attend international conferences, including the Society for the Social Studies of Science and the European Association for Study of Science and Technology.

In addition to attending these major international conferences, KES founded a series of science studies workshop, now known as the SEESHOPS, through which the Studies in Expertise and Experience agenda. Details of the SEESHOP conferences are available from the ALL & SEE website.