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Research Activities

Members of KES are engaged in a wide variety of activities. The research activities of the individual members are linked by their common focus on the sociological nature of knowledge and contexts in which it is used, developed, and contested. This research develops the Studies of Expertise and Experience (SEE) outlined by Collins and Evans in their 2002 paper 'The Third Wave of Science Studies' and their 2007 book Rethinking Expertise. The latest information on this research programme is always available on the ALL @ SEE website:

The individual research projects that KES members are working on are summarised below. Further information is available from their own webpages. We are always happy to receive inquiries about any of the topics or projects listed.

Harry Collins (Director)

In addition to his work on expertise Harry Collins continues to work on his long-term study of gravitational wave astronomy. This research project is funded by the ESRC and further details are available on Harry Collins’s Gravitational Wave Project website.

In addition to this project, Professor Collins also retains active research interests in the nature of scientific knowledge and knowledge in general; the public understanding of science; the nature of skill and expertise; Artificial Intelligence and the relationship between humans and machines; medical knowledge and skills; and science education.

Robert Evans

Rob Evans is currently working on two research projects that focus on the use of economics in different contexts. The first of these builds on his previous research on economic forecasting, and looks at the the production and use of economic forecasts. The second , which is funded by the ESRC, examines the public discussion of the single european currency in the context of social science debates about the democratisation of science. He has also been involved in research addressing sustainable development, particularly in the context of urban energy plans.

In addition to these projects, Dr Evans has research interests in nature of scientific knowledge and knowledge more generally; the use of science in policy advice; the use of simulation models in science and the public understanding of science.

Andy Barlett

Andy Bartlett is based in cesagen and is working on the 'Biomedicine, Identity, and Behaviour Theme'. More information

Sara Delamont

Sara Delamont is based in SOCSI and continues her long-standing research in ethnographic studies and methods.

Tiago Duarte

Tiago Duarte is a PhD student whose doctoral research will examine the use and distribution of expertise in debates about Climate Change. Prior to joining KES, he was a lecturer at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis in based in cesagen and is working on a lab ethnography of stem cell research.

Dimitris Papdopoulous

Dimitris Papdopoulous is a social psychologist working in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. He is particularly interested in the relationships between knowledge politics and science activism. More information

Neil Stephens

Dr Neil Stephens is a based at cesaen. He has recently completed the ESRC funded 'Curating and Husbandry In the UK Stem Cell Bank' project and is now working on the follow-up project The UK Stem Cell Bank: An Institutional Ecology again funded by the ESRC.

 Martin Weinel

Martin Weinel is a PhD student examining the role of expertise in South African Aids policies. A paper based on this research has been published in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. More information

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