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Working Paper Series - Papers 141 - 150

Working Paper 141: Evaluation of the London Deanery Training Course: Supervision Skills for Clinical Teachers

Alison Bullock, Lynn Monrouxe, Christine Atwell

Working Paper 142: Involuntary Part-time Workers in Britain: Evidence from the Labour Force Survey

Surhan Cam

Working Paper 143: Motivations, Ubiquitous Irrational and a Community of Migrant Workers - from Turkey

Surhan Cam

Working Paper 144: Unincluded Union Members - evidence from the Labour Force Survey

Surhan Cam

Working Paper 145: Rejecting Knowledge Claims: A Case Study

Harry Collins

Working Paper 146: The Centrality of Social Capital - Concepts of Community in the Era of the Big Society

Fiona Shirani

Working Paper 147: Evaluation of the Wales-Wide Implementation of the ASSIST Programme

Jo Holliday, Chloe Chadderton, Laurence Moore

Working Paper 148: A Method for Capturing Movement and Touch-Based Interactions During Ethnographic Fieldwork

Clare Kell

Working Paper 149: Non-unionised Migrant Workers: Evidence from the UK Labour Force Survey for a Triple-challenge Model

Surhan Cam

Working Paper 150: The Emos: The Re-Traditionalisation of White, Working-Class Masculinities Through the 'Alternative Scene'

Michael Rhys Morgan Ward