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2010 Publications

DETAILS (updated November 2011)

Publications are listed alphabetically by first author

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- A -

 Adam, B (2010) ‘History of the Future: Paradoxes and Challenges’, Rethinking History 14/3: 361 -378, ISSN 1364-2529 print, ISSN 1470-1154 online.

 Adam, B 2010 'Future Matters: Challenge for Social Theory
and Social Inquiry', Cultura e comunicazione (2010) 1: 47-55. ISSN 2036-9700, online:

 Adam, B (2010) Slovenian Translation of Adam, B. Time. (Polity 2004)

Adam, B (2010) Chinese Transl. of Whipp, Adam, & Sabelis ed. Making Time (Oxford 2002)

Andrews G, Adams J, Segrott, J (2010) Alternative medicine and the concept of care, in, T, Brown, , S McLafferty, G Moon, The companion to health and medical geography, Blackwell, 587-603, 9781405170031

Arribas-Ayllon, M, Featherstone K, Atkinson, P (2010) 'Subjectivity and the new genetics: The autonomy of affect', Social Theory and Health, ISSN 1477-8211

Arribas-Ayllon, M (2010) 'The politics of autonomy in genetic testing of children'. In B. Wieser and W. Berger (eds). Assessing life: On the organization of genetic testing. Pribram: Profile. ISBN 978-3-89019-643-5

Arribas-Ayllon, M (2010) Beyond pessimism: The dialectic of promise and complexity in genomic research. Genomics, Society and Policy 6(2): 1-12. ISSN: 1746-5354.

Arribas-Ayllon, M., Bartlett, A., and Featherstone K (2010) Complexity and accountability: The witches brew of psychiatrics genetics. Social Studies of Science 40(4): 499-524. DOI: 10.1177/0306312710363511

Arribas-Ayllon, M, Featherstone K and Atkinson, P (2010) ‘The practical ethics of genetic responsibility: Nondisclosure and the autonomy of affect’, Social Theory and Health, doi:10.1057/sth.2010.8

Ashton, D., Brown, P. and Lauder, H. (2010) ‘Skill Webs and International Human Resource Management: Lessons from a Study of the Global Skill Strategies of Transnational Companies’, International Human Resource Management, 21,6, 838-52, ISSN 0958-5192.

Atkinson, P ‘Ethics and ethnography’, 21st Century Society: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, 4, 1, pp. 17-30. ISSN 1745-0144  Reprinted in H. Torrance (ed.) Qualitative Research Methods in Education, London: Sage, (July 2010) ISBN: 9781848602076 .

Atkinson P (2010) 'Negotiating the contested terrain of illness narratives - an appreciative response', Sociology of Health and Illness, 32, 4 May 2010, pp661-2, ISSN 1467-9566

Atkinson, P Making Opera Work: Bricolage and the Management of Dramaturgy, Music and Arts in Action, 3(1), ISSN 1754-7105

Atkinson, P and Coffey, A. (2010) Analysing Documentary Realities, in D. Silverman (ed) Qualitative Research, 3rd edition London: Sage ISBN 9781849204170

Atkinson, P , Delamont, S (2010), 'Can the silenced speak? A Dialogue for two unvoiced actors', International Review of Qualitative Research, Left Coast Press Inc, Volume 3, no. 1, May 2010, ISSN 1940-8447 (Print) 1940-8455 (Online)

Atkinson, P and Delamont, S, editors, Qualitative Research London, Sage, Vol. 10 6 issues, ISSN 1468 7941

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- B -

 Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) SIRC Report to the PYA on Living and Working Conditions Aboard Yachts.

 Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) Safety and Perceptions of Risk: A Comparison Between Respondent Perceptions and Recorded Accident Data. Cardiff: SIRC. ISBN: 1-900174-38-3.

 Bailey, N. and Winchester, N. (2010) ‘Making sense of ‘global’ social justice’. The British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2010, Glasgow 7th-9th April.

Baker, S (2010) ‘The Governance Dimensions of Sustainable Development’, in P. Glasbergen and I. Niestroy, Eds, Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy in the European Union: A Governance Perspective (Den Haag: Open University Press, 2010).

Baker, S (2010) ‘Eco-Awareness and Climate Change’, in S. Bergmann and H. Eaton Eds. Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics with R. Morrison, (Berlin & London: Verlag, 2010).

Baynes, P. and Holland, S. (2010) ‘Social work with violent men: a child protection field study in an English local authority’, Child Abuse Review, published online (advanced access) Dec. 2010, DOI: 10.1002/car.1159 ISSN:1099-0852

Bell C, Elliott, E., Simmons A., 09/04/2010, Community capacity building, in, E, Waters, , B Swinburn, R Uauy, Preventing Childhood Obesity: Evidence Policy and Practice, Wiley-Blackwell, 232-242, 1405158891 

Belousov, K., Horlick-Jones, T., Bloor, M., Gilinskiy, Y. Golbert, V. Kostikovsky, Y., Levi, M., Pentsov, D. (2010) ‘Any port in a storm: fieldwork difficulties in dangerous and crisis-ridden settings’ in G. Szaryncz (ed.) Research Realities in the Social Sciences: Negotiating Fieldwork Dilemmas, Amherst New York: Cambria Press, pp.279-307. ISBN 978-1-60497-707-3.   A re-print of a 2007 paper, which first appeared in Qualitative Research.

Beynon, H (2010)  “O Paradoxo Ingles” in Flavio Limoncic and Carlos Palomanes Martinho (eds) A Grande Depressao,  Politica e Economia na Decada de 1930, Civilizacao Brazileira, Rio de Janeiro, pp 277-305

Blackman, T., Elliott, E., Greene, A., Hunter, D., Marks, L., Harrington, B., McKee, L., Williams, G. (2010) ‘Wicked Comparisons: Reflections on Cross-national Research about Health Inequalities in the UK’, Evaluation, vol 16(1), pp. 43-57. 

Bloor, M (2010) 'Response: the researcher’s obligation to bring about good, Qualitative Social Work, 9(1): 17-20. 

Bloor, M (2010) 'Addressing Social Problems Through Qualitative Research' D Silverman (ed) Qualitative Research: theory, method and practice, Sage: London 3rd revised edition

Bloor, M (2010) ‘Commentary: the researcher’s obligation to bring about good’, Qualitative Social Work, Qualitative Social Work, 9 (1): 17-20 ISSN:1473-3250

Bloor, M, Fincham, B., Sampson, H. (2010) ‘Unprepared for the worst: risks of harm for qualitative researchers’, Methodological Innovations Online, 5 (1) 45-55

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Boden, R., Epstein, D. and Epstein, D. (2010) ‘Accounting for Ethos or Programmes for Conduct? The brave new world of Research Ethics Committees’.. Sociological Review. 57(4): 727-49. ISSN: 0038-0261 (print); 1467-954X (online). DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-954X.2009.01869.x 

Botterill, D, and Jones, T. (2010) Introduction: Tourism Studies and Criminology, in D. Botterill and T. Jones (eds) Tourism and Crime

Botterill, D. and Jones, T. (2010) Conclusions: Mapping a research agenda, in D. Botterill and T. Jones (eds) Tourism and Crime

Bowring, F (2010) ‘Review of Edward Granter’s Critical Theory and the End of Work’, Organization, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 647-9.

Broadhurst K, Hall C, Pithouse, A., Wastell D, White S (2010), ‘Risk, Instrumentalism and the Humane Project in Social Work: Identifying the Informal Logics of Risk Management in Children’s Statutory Services’, British Journal of Social Work,  1–19 doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcq011  ISSN 1468-263X 

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Brown, P (2010) La Meritocratie Scolaire. Un Modele de Justice a l’epreuve du Marche. Education-Based Meritocracy. How Markets Challenge a Model of Justice, Debate between P. Brown and M.Duru-Bellat introduced by A. van Zanten, Inaugural Issue, Sociologie, 1, 1, 165-179. (French and English). 

Bullock, A.D., Berkey D. and Smith B.J. (2010) International education research issues in meeting the oral health needs of geriatrics populations: an introduction.  Journal of Dental Education 74 (1) 5-6 

Bullock, A.D., Falcon, H., Mehra, S. and Stearns, K. (2010). An evaluation of a vocational training scheme for dental therapists (TVT). British Dental Journal 209 (6) 295-300 DOI: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2010.818

Bullock, A.D., Firmstone, V.R. and Falcon H.C. (2010) Developing guidelines for postgraduate dental educators in the UK.  British Dental Journal 208(1) 19-23. DOI:10.1038/sj.bdj.2009.1176 

Bullock, A.D ., Firmstone, V.R., Frame, J. and Thomas, H. (2010) Using dentistry as a case study to examine continuing education and its impact on practice.  Oxford Review of Education 36 (1) 79-95. DOI: 10.1080/03054981003593548.   ISSN 0305-4985 (print)/ISSN 1465-3915 (online)/10/010079–17 

Bullock, A.D . (2010) Dental Education as a Social Science: some implications for research. Guest Editorial. European Journal of Dental Education. 14 65-68 DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0579.2010.00626.x

Byrne, E. , Holland, S. & Jerzembek, G. (2010). A pilot study on the impact of a home-based  parenting intervention: Parents Plus. Child Care in Practice. 16 (2) 111-127

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- C -

Cardwell, C.R., Stene, L.C., Joner, G., Bulsara, M.K., Cinek, O., Rosenbauer, J., Ludvigsson, J., Castell, C., Svensson, J., Goldacre, M.J., Waldhoer, T., Jarosz-Chobot, P., Gimeno, S.G., Chuang, L.-M., Parslow, R.C., Wadsworth, E.J.K., Chetwynd, A., Pozzilli, P., Brigis, B., Urbonaitė, B., Šipetić, S., Schober, E., Tenconi, M.T., Ionescu-Tirgoviste, C., de Beaufort, C.E., Stoyanov, D., Buschard, K., Patterson, C.C., 2010. Maternal age at birth and childhood type 1 diabetes: a pooled analysis of 30 observational studies. Diabetes, 52 (2), 486-494.

Cardwell, C.R., Stene, L.C., Joner, G., Davis, E.A., Cinek, O., Rosenbauer, J., Ludvigsson, J., Svensson, J., Goldacre, M.J., Waldhoer, T., Polanska, J., Gimeno, S.G., Chuang, L.M., Parslow, R.C., Wadsworth, E.J.K., Chetwynd, A., Pozzilli, P., Brigis, G., Urbonaitė, B., Šipetić, S., Schober, E., Ionescu-Tirgoviste, C., de Beaufort, C.E., Patterson, C.C., 2010. High birth weight is associated with a slight increase in childhood onset type 1 diabetes risk: A meta-analysis of observational studies. Diabetologia, 53 (4), 641-651.

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- D -

Davies, S (2010) ‘Outsourcing, public sector reform and the changed character of the state-voluntary sector relationship’. International Journal of Public Sector Management.

Davies, S (2010) ‘Book Review of Employment Relations in the Voluntary Sector, by Ian Cunningham’. British Journal of Industrial Relations 48 (3) pp 641-642

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Davies, S (2011) Some comments on The New University: Strategic Change and Direction: a note for UNISON. Cardiff: UNISON Cymru.

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- E -

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- F -

Felstead, A (2010) 'Closing the age gap? Age. skills and the experience of work in Great Britain', Ageing and Society. 30(8): 1293-1314.

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- G -


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- H -

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- I -

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- J -

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