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Endorsements of Our Research Quality

The research activity of our staff at the School of Social Sciences - whether in advising governments, in making changes to policy or in receiving acclaim for research publications - continues to receive praise from a number of key stakeholders. Below are just a few examples of endorsements of our research quality. 

Professor Mike Levi

Professor Mike Levi

“Professor Mike Levi was recommended to me by senior practitioners in both the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the police, and I can confirm that his research was invaluable in the development of the final report.”

 Former Deputy Director, Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit.


“In Neighbourhood Policing and Preventing Violent Extremism, the Universities’ Police Science Institute have influenced two of the most significant developments in police policy in the last decade.” 

Former Chief Constable and ACPO Lead for Prevent.



The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes
“…they have the all-too-rare ability to translate these findings into conclusions and implications that are meaningful to policy-makers…This has proven effective in increasing the impact of their work in both research and policy-making worlds.” 

Head of Skills and Employability at the International Labour Office commenting on the book ‘The Global Auction’ by Professor Phil Brown and colleagues.





Gravity's Shadow Book Cover
"Harry Collins is a distinguished sociologist, and in Gravity's Shadow he demonstrates why it is important to go beyond superficial characterizations of science to study how groups of scientists actually work.... This is a book that everyone who cares about the future of science should read." 

American Scientist review of ‘Gravity’s Shadow’ by Professor Harry Collins

"Harry Collins has presented us with an enthralling investigation into the way in which big science advances.... A perfect case study in the sociology of science." 

Times Higher Education review of ‘Gravity’s Shadow’ by Professor Harry Collins


Contours of Culture
“This is a powerful book, compelling in detail, vision, and grasp of the contemporary landscape in ethnographic research.” 

Professor Norman Denzin reviewing Contours of Culture by Professor Paul Atkinson, Dr Sara Delamont and Professor William Housley