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Workplace Bullying And Harassment In Britain With Special Reference To Race And  Ethnicity


Ralph Fevre is directing a major new research project on Workplace Bullying And Harassment In Britain With Special Reference To Race And  Ethnicity. Work on the project began in April 2007 and will last for three years. Other members of the research team are Amanda Robinson and Trevor Jones in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, and Professor Duncan Lewis of the Glamorgan Business School at the University of Glamorgan.

Aims of Project

Workplace bullying and harassment are of increasing interest to employers, employees, governments, the media and the legal profession. Decisions are made in the courts about what counts as bullying and harassment but what does social science tell us about this kind of behaviour: what does it consist of, how prevalent is it and what can be done about it? This inter-disciplinary study will mount a large, representative study using face-to-face interviews to find out about the sorts of behaviour that lead people to think they have suffered bullying or harassment at work. The survey will tell us how experiences of negative behaviour vary between different kinds of employees – men and women, ethnic and religious minorities – and different kinds of workplaces. In order to illuminate the context and meaning of these findings, the project will utilise qualitative case studies of organizations to explore the correlates, effects and causes of the experiences captured by the survey. The case studies will pay particular attention to race and ethnicity and they will allow us to explore the policy implications of our research.


3 years