Networking Activities

A key feature of Qualiti’s work is to encourage and facilitate networking between social science researchers and other relevant stakeholders, in order to foster greater innovation, integration and impact of qualitative research methods.

Networking is essential for both the communication of existing knowledges and the generation of innovation and new knowledge. While qualitative research methods have become increasingly widespread, effective network structures to ensure communication and innovation has been less easy to maintain. Qualiti are seeking to develop a range of networking activities to (1) enable the articulation and development of relationships between methodological innovation, theory and practice; (2) reflect upon the theoretical conditions and frameworks necessary for innovation in qualitative methods;(3) explore how innovations can be used to inform and transform professional research practice.

Current networking activities include;

Commissioned inquiries

Commissioned reports

Cardiff Interdisciplinary qualitative research seminar series

Collaborative seminars

User Panel

Affiliate projects

Associate members

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