Research Capacity Building Activities

Our aim is to disseminate knowledge, develop skills and enhance understanding and capacity in the area of qualitative research methods.

The main target constituency for Qualiti’s research capacity building are professional researchers, predominantly within the social sciences, but from other disciplinary areas too (such as medical or humanities research, for example). These may be drawn from higher education institutions, although we hope that researchers from a range of government departments and agencies, local authorities, trade unions and organisations in the private and third sectors will take part our research capacity building activities. We believe that sharing experience from a variety of settings in which social science research is conducted significantly enriches research-capacity building activity. We also have a committment to engaging policy makers and professional practitioners in our capacity building activities.

Given this target constituency, Qualiti’s programme of research-capacity building will be designed to engage with the social contexts in which professional social science researchers operate. We are committed to two broad types of research-capacity building activity.

  1. Deepening individuals’ existing expertise in qualitative research methods by disseminating knowledge of innovations in these fields and developing their skills appropriately.

  2. Widening researchers’ knowledge and understanding of qualitative methods across the social science disciplines, not least where their existing expertise lies in other sorts of methodological approaches.

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