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Qualiti Mentoring Scheme

Mentoring Scheme

The purpose of the Qualiti mentoring scheme is to provide significant, focussed and long-term (where required) support and guidance to UK social science researchers in the use of qualitative research methods. The scheme offers postgraduates, postdoctoral and early career researchers, and more established researchers, access to a range of expertise. Not only do the Qualiti team have considerable qualitative research experience, but we also have access to an extensive international network of expertise in the practice of qualitative research. We are therefore able to offer a high quality mentoring service to social science researchers across the UK. For more details about the nature of our methodological expertise please visit our website (

Support and guidance to individuals, groups and organisations can come in a number of ways and for a range of queries, both formal and informal. These could include, for example, mentoring in:

  • the use of advanced qualitative research methods
  • identifying training needs in qualitative research methods
  • where to find the necessary qualitative research expertise you require
  • developing research grant applications using qualitative research methods
  • qualitative research projects

Mentoring may involve the opportunity to spend some time with the Qualiti team in Cardiff or for someone with the necessary expertise to come and visit you. Again, Qualiti are able to offer such support (including travel and accommodation) through our Placement Scheme (contact Qualiti for more details about this scheme).

What we cannot offer

Given the number of researchers in the UK who are using qualitative research methods it is not possible for us to provide support and guidance to everyone. We have therefore had to limit what mentoring we can offer. So we do not expect to provide support and guidance for more introductory and routine qualitative research methods inquiries. However, if you are in any doubt then please contact us and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

What to do next?

To discuss your needs please contact Tina Woods, the Qualiti administrator or click here for an application form.

The deadline for applications in 2006/07 is December 2006


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