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Watching, Listening, Reading and Clicking:
Representing Data Through Different Media

Principal Investigator: Dr Bella Dicks
Researchers: Dr Inna Kotchetkova and Dr Rachel Hurdley

This project will demonstrate

  1. how to re-present complex multi-media qualitative data in different modes;
  2. how different qualitative research products can be used to engage the different audiences (including research users and stakeholders).

The project will produce a number of different kinds of representation (sound essay, photo-essay, filmic essay, print essay, hypertextual essay, hypermedia essay) around common research questions and foci, and present these to different reader constituencies for interpretation. The project will draw on an extensive multi-media, digital data set, already generated through fieldwork at a science discovery centre

It will use the analytical insights generated from an existing multimedia data set, assembled for a qualitative research study undertaken at a science discovery centre. It will produce six different representations:

  • Sound essay – to be communicated through audio means, including interview data, soundscapes and analytical commentary.
  • Photo-essay – based on still photographs generated during the project.
  • Filmic essay – drawing on digital video footage of interviews, performances and naturally occurring action.
  • Written analytical essay – using conventional print-based format.
  • Hypertextual essay – using text with extensive hyperlinkng.
  • Hypermedia essay – using multimedia and hyperlinking.

These essays will then be given/shown/played to different kinds of audiences – including academic peers, higher education students and stakeholders, and their responses described and analysed.

Start Date: January 2007


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