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Talking Treatments: using deliberative methods to engage citizens in the provision of health care

Principal Investigator: Dr Rob Evans
Researchers: Dr Susanne Langer and Dr Inna Kotchetkova

The project has two aims. The first is to explore the differences that exist between the views of various lay and expert groups about innovative health technologies such as therapeutic cloning. The second is to investigate the extent to which these differences can be reconciled through dialogue and interaction. The project will thus implement and test a methodology for eliciting different knowledges and promoting debate between lay and expert groups. The research will culminate in an innovative roundtable workshop in which experts, stakeholders and lay citizens will all be involved. The project thus aims to make an important contribution to the practice of public engagement and the use of qualitative methods in policy-debates.

Start Date: May 2005

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Qualiti Working Paper - Public Opinion as questions not answers: how citizens evaluate the therapeutic potential of stem cell research in the context of T1 diabetes.
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Inna Kotchetkova, Cardiff University
Rob Evans, Cardiff University
Susanne Langer, University of Manchester
March 2007

Evans, R, Langer, S and Kotchetkova, I, 'Just Around the Corner: Rhetorics of Progress and Promise in Genetic Research', Public Understanding of Science, (Vol 17, No.3, 2008)

Qualiti Methods Briefing Number 2 - Facilitation or Interpretation?: Qualitative Research and Deliberative Methods [new window, 76kb]
Dr Rob Evans, Cardiff University
Dr Inna Kotchetkova, Cardiff University
May 2008


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