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Commissioned Inquiries

The Commissioned Inquiries are intended to generate new knowledge relating to the main QUALITI themes. They aim to do so not by means of conventional research projects, but rather through systematic interaction and exchange between 'experts' in appropriate fields. Each Inquiry will be based upon a small (not more than 10) group of 'experts', identified on the basis of their previous experience, and drawn from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. Each Inquiry will be led by a Convenor/ Chair and supported intellectually and administratively from within QUALITI.

The exact mode of working of each Inquiry will be determined by each group. However, it is expected that each Inquiry will involve some of the following: written papers from members of the Inquiry group and from outside; discussions/seminars based on written papers; and more 'forensic' interactions, where contributors are questioned about their views.

The Inquiry group will consider the 'evidence' presented to them and will produce a report based on this. It is expected that this report will include: an analytical review of the topic of the Inquiry; identification of critical or problematic areas; recommendations about the means of addressing such issues most effectively.

The first Commissioned Inquiry commenced in March 2006 on the theme of Risk to Well-being in Qualitative Research. The final report from this inquiry is now available for download, from the publications section of this website. Further details on this particular inquiry can be viewed via the webpage. more >>>.

The second of our Commissioned Inquiry's commenced in March 2007 and is on the theme of Qualitative Research and Policy. Further details will be added to the website as they become available.

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