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Associate Membership of Qualiti

Associate members play an important role in supporting the networking and capacity building programme of Qualiti, and thus are able to contribute to the strategic vision of the NCRM. The associate member network provides a mechanism for promoting interdisciplinarity, widening methodological expertise and extending links across the social science research community. Associate members of Qualiti are individuals who have a particular interest and expertise in qualitative research methods and methodologies within the social sciences, their development and communication.

Responsibilities and Benefits of Associate Membership

Associate members support the work of Qualiti and the NCRM in variety of ways, including participating directly in seminars and other activities, proposal reviewing, strategic development, and linked research / studentship applications. The formal arrangements have been kept to a minimum to facilitate productive individual arrangements. Benefits of membership for an Associate include;

  • Membership publicised on the Qualiti website.
  • Access to training, networking and capacity building events.
  • Regular updates on Qualiti events and activities.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the strategic development of Qualiti and the NCRM.
  • Opportunities to work with NCRM on specific areas of common interest.

Role/responsibilities of associate members are;

  • To participate in consultations (one-two per year) to inform the training, networking and capacity building agenda.
  • To occasionally act as reviewers of proposals for linked research projects, publications, methodological reviews.
  • To provide expert advice to the Qualiti executive group and NCRM management board, from time-to-time.

Current Associate Members:

Professor Geoffrey Walford, Oxford University
Dr Fiona Wood, Cardiff University
Dr William Housley, Cardiff University
Professor Jenny Kitzinger, Cardiff University
Dr Tom Hall, Cardiff University
Professor Srikant Sarangi, Cardiff University
Professor Martyn Hammersley, Open University
Professor Brian Roberts, Glamorgan University
Dr Kate Stewart, Cardiff University
Dr Michael Arribas-Ayllon, Cardiff University
Dr Karen Henwood, Cardiff University
Dr Lesley Pugsley, Cardiff University
Professor Michael Bloor, University of Glasgow
Dr Gabrielle Ivinson, Cardiff University
Professor Andrew Sparkes, Exeter University
Professor Gary Alan Fine, Northwestern University, USA
Professor Greg Dimitriadis, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA
Dr Brett Lashua, Liverpool University
Professor Lindsay Prior, Queens University, Belfast

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