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Affiliated Projects and Qualiti

The ESRC National Centre for Research Methods welcomes affiliated projects. These are social science research projects with a strong methodological orientation, funded separately from NCRM but where affiliation to NCRM could bring mutual benefit. The affiliated project network enhances the NCRM’s methodological coverage, and provides opportunities for a range of collaborations.

Projects affiliated to Qualiti share a focus on qualitative inquiry and methodologies, and are invited to contribute to / participate in events and activities. The benefits of affiliate project membership include;

  • Opportunities to join an interdisciplinary network of social science researchers working with broadly similar methodological areas.
  • Opportunities to explore and develop the methodological component in otherwise substantive projects, with pay offs for both current and future research.
  • Opportunities for cooperation in developing training materials, running workshops, developing methodological resources or setting up visiting fellowships.
  • Opportunities for cooperation of methods-related outputs arising from substantive projects, including via the Qualiti and NCRM programme of training and websites.

Current Affiliated Projects

Hypermedia and Qualitative Research
Principle Investigator: Professor Amanda Coffey
Co-Applicants: Dr Bella Dicks & Dr Matthew Williams
Research Associate: Dr Bruce Mason

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Locality, Biography and Youth in a Transforming Community
Principle Investigators: Dr Tom Hall & Professor Amanda Coffey
Research Associate: Dr Brett Lashua

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Curating and Husbandry in the UK Stem Cell Bank
ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen)
Principle Investigator: Professor Peter Glasner
Research Associate: Dr Neil Stephens

Diasporic Capoeira: An Ethnographic Enquiry
Principle Investigator: Dr Sara Delamont
Research Associate: Dr Neil Stephens

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The cultural context of youth suicide
Principle Investigators: Dr Jonathan Scourfield, Dr Katrina Roen (Lancaster University) and Dr Liz McDermott (York University)

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Vocal Academy: An Ethnography of Expert Pedagogy
Principle Investigators: Dr Sara Delamont and Professor Paul Atkinson

Masculinities, Identities and Risk: Transition in the Lives of Men as Fathers
Timescapes, University of Leeds
Principle Investigator: Professor Karen Henwood
Research Associates: Dr Mark Finn and Mrs Fiona Shirani


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