Management and Organisation

Executive group (Amanda Coffey , Chris Taylor, Paul Atkinson, Gareth Rees Gareth Williams, Sara Delamont) is responsible for ensuring that Qualiti addresses its key aims and objectives, through the strategic development of a sustained programme of activities. It is responsible for developing the work programme, and for working closely and effectively with the ESRC NCRM Hub in Southampton, other Nodes of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, and with the ESRC Research Methods Programme.

Research Programme group (Robert Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Emma Renold, Sally Holland, Bella Dicks, Inna Kotchetkova, Nicola Ross, Rachel Hurdley, Amanda Coffey, Chris Taylor) is responsible for the progression and completion of the demonstrator projects.

Chris Taylor takes lead responsibility for training and capacity building.

Gareth Rees takes lead responsibility for the commissioned inquiries.

Sara Delamont takes lead responsibility for the mentoring and placement schemes.

Gareth Williams chairs the publications committee.

Paul Atkinson takes lead responsibility for international activities.

Tina Woods is our administrator and office manager.