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Workshop 1
'Qualitative Research and Ethical Approval'
Queen's University Belfast, 14 March 2007

This one-day workshop will consider the practical implications in obtaining ethical approval for undertaking qualitative research in the social sciences. It is increasingly the case that any field-based research conducted within the social sciences must seek ethical approval for from a variety of different perspectives, including university ethics committees, NHS ethics panels, and other profession-based ethics or regulatory bodies. The nature of qualitative research can make this process extremely difficult and time-consuming. This workshop will provide practical assistance in negotiating this process by giving advice and assistance to social science researchers. Those attending will be encouraged to actively participate in a number of interactive problem solving tasks. The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for qualitative researchers to share their experiences and raise ethical issues of importance, contributing to debate on ethical approval procedures. The workshop will be of particular interest to early career researchers and qualitative researchers relatively new to ethics committees. Members of ethics committees, concerned about this process, and who would like to obtain more practical knowledge about managing the relationship between qualitative research and ethics approval may also find the workshop of interest.

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Workshop 2
'Multi-modal qualitative research'

Plymouth University, 30 - 31 May 2007

This is a two-day workshop that will encompass the collection and analysis of multiple modes of qualitative research data. Primarily based on the combined use of textual, visual and audio data this workshop will give participants practical insights in to the advantages and disadvantages of different modes of qualitative data. Participants will have the opportunity to collect and analyse their own multi-modal qualitative data. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of qualitative data and to consider how they might be combined, both practically and theoretically. The workshop will also consider the dissemination of multi-modal qualitative data, by presenting and discussing how this can be done.

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Workshop 3
'Using new technologies in qualitative research'
University of Bristol, 19 June 2007

Drawing upon a successful interdisciplinary seminar on the use of new technologies in qualitative research in April 2006 this workshop will provide hands-on practical experiences in using different technologies and equipment for the collection of qualitative data. Primarily focussed on the collection of visual and audio data this workshop will consider a variety of different aspects of the research process, including the capture, archiving, storage, sharing and cost of using different equipment. Although the focus of the workshop is on the collection of qualitative data some attention will be given to the use of new technology in analysing and representing qualitative data

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Booking details

Each event is open to all researchers, including postgraduate students and non-academic researchers. The fee for each event is £20 per day for UK registered Post Graduate students, £40 per day for staff at a UK academic institution, ESRC funded researcher or registered charity organisation. For all other delegates the fee is £175 per day. Fees include course materials, lunch and refreshments. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with travel or other related costs.


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