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Qualitative Research and Suicide Seminar

Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University
2 July 2007, 10am - 4pm

The suicidology field has historically been dominated by quantitative methodology. This is equally true of medical and social research. There is, however, considerable potential for developing qualitative approaches to researching suicide. This event has been organised to bring together both researchers who already have a common interest in such approaches and those with an interest in using qualitative methods in future. The speakers at this seminar have been engaged in various kinds of qualitative inquiry related to suicide and will deliver methodologically-oriented presentations with illustrations from recent and current projects.

Who is the seminar for?
The seminar is for academic and other researchers with an interest in suicide who would like to share ideas about the contribution of qualitative research to the suicide field. The audience might include a range of people: doctoral students, suicide researchers who are already using qualitative methods and experienced researchers who are not familiar with qualitative approaches.

Speakers include:
Lucy Biddle (Bristol)
Christabel Owens (Exeter)
Steve Platt (Edinburgh)
Katrina Roen (Lancaster)
Jonathan Scourfield (Cardiff University)
Nicky Stanley (Central Lancashire)

There will be sessions on the following topics:
Psychological autopsy studies
In-depth interviews
Discourse analysis
Integrating qualitative and quantitative data

There will also be themed discussion groups.

To download a copy of the programme click here (pdf file)

Seminar Presentations

Presentations from the seminar are now available for download by clicking on a paper title below:

Young peoples understanding of suicidal possibilities: taking a discourse analytic approach - Katrina Roen

The use of mixed methods in the evaluation of suicide prevention strategies and interventions - Stephen Platt

The psychological autopsy method of studying suicide: qualitiatve approaches - Christabel Owens

Using the concept of communities in suicide research: the RaPSS study - Nicky Stanley

A qualitatively driven sociological autopsy of 100 suicides - Jonathan Scourfield



This event is supported by Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, Lancaster University and the ESRC


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