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UPSI'S report for ACPO on prevent and counter-terrorism policing in the UK released

11 April 2011

The Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI)


Prof Martin Innes

Prof Martin Innes

A new report from Professor Martin Innes, Universities Police Science Institute (UPSI) shows that Britain's 2.8M Muslims have a higher level of trust and confidence in the police than the general population.

The policing approach to preventing violent extremism has become more sophisticated and has not caused widespread damage or harm to relationships between Muslim communities and the police, says a new report commissioned by Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Terrorism and Allied Matters (TAM) Business Area.

In the most comprehensive study yet conducted, the research, carried out by Universities’ Police Science Institute at Cardiff University (UPSI), assesses the effects of policing in delivery of the Government’s current Prevent strategy, in the Muslim communities of Britain. The report identifies ways in which the delivery of Prevent policing can be further enhanced and improved.


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