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Gary Alan Fine - SOCSI Visitor

Gary Alan Fine

Gary Alan Fine

The purpose of my visit:

I was invited to contribute to and to consult with the Qualiti Program at Cardiff University and, in particular, their several project demonstration teams, including the (Extra) Ordinary Lives Project, the Talking Treatments Project, the Sociological Autopsy Project, and the Watching, Listening, Reading, and Clicking Project.


Who I worked with:

I worked with the entire staff at Qualiti, most particularly with Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Chris Taylor, and Amanda Coffey. During my two weeks at Cardiff, I gave a series of lectures, seminars, and informal talk to various classes, including the Knowledge, Expertise, and Science Seminar run by Harry Collins and Robert Evans.


What I gained from my visit:

In answer to such a question, one must first mention the personal friendships and collegial relations that will last for a lifetime. I was very pleased to learn about the engaged ethnographic and qualitative research being conducted through QUALITI at Cardiff University. Cardiff is widely known in the United States as the British university that is the leading centre for the investigation and use of qualitative methods, and it was a pleasure for me to become aware of the breadth and depth of field research in the United Kingdom. I am proud to be a member of the extended family of Cardiff University.

Cardiff has certainly changed since my last visit in 1976! I liked it then, but my affection has blossomed for the city, the harbour, the university, and my colleagues.