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News Archive 2010-11

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Archive news stories from the School of Social Sciences:

Corrupt and confused?

26 August 2011

Writing a major article for the policy magazine, Prospect, Professor Innes, Universities’ Police Science Institute at Cardiff University (UPSI), traces the delicate balance between control and consent which police have had to manage since the days of Sir Robert Peel. More


Video Channel for ESRC Seminar series: 'Pornified? Complicating the debates about the sexualisation of culture'

19 August 2011

A video channel has been produced to display the presentations for Seminar 5 of the ESRC Seminar Series: Girls, Sexuality and Sexualisation: Beyond spectacle and sensationalism. More


UPSI comment on Local police services and Government cuts

16 August

Local police services will take the biggest hit from Government cuts to the policing budget, new analysis by Cardiff’s Universities Police Science Institute (UPSI) shows Government grant for local policing will fall by £1.36bn, or 14 per cent, over the four years to 2014-15. More


Alan Evans Appointed to be the Executive Chair of The Council for Education in the Commonwealth

25 July 2011

Alan Evans, National Coordinator of Aimhigher Associates Scheme, in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, has been appointed from the beginning of the Autumn Term to be the Executive Chair of the The Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC). More


SOCSI Graduation Report 2011

21 July

Wednesday 20th July saw the Graduation Ceremony for over 200 undergraduates and over 100 postgraduates from SOCSI. The ceremony was held at St David's Hall, the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales. More


UPSI'S Professor Martin Innes comments on the crisis at the Metropolitan Police

19 July 2011

Professor Martin Innes, Universities Police Science Institute (UPSI) has written an article for the Guardian, commenting on the crisis in the Metropolitan Police following the Phone hacking allegations aimed towards the News of the World newspaper. Coverage page here.


CCLJ Report for the RSPCA: Status dogs, young people and criminalisation: towards a preventative strategy

6 July 2011

A new CCLJ report commissioned by the RSPCA has called on the Government to engage with young dog owners and gather more evidence on growing concerns about the anti-social use of dogs. More


PhD Funding Opportunity in Criminology: Applicants from the Caribbean and Guyana

4 July 2011

New PhD Funding Opportunity in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the Cardiff School of Social Sciences open only to applicants from the Caribbean and Guyana. More


SOCSI Graduation Invitation 2011

28 June 2011

We would like to invite final year students (and guests) to a post-graduation party on Wednesday, 20th July which will be held at The Coffee Shop, Glamorgan Building at 4.00 p.m. More

Bursary news for Prospective Applicants for PGCE (PCET) Programmes

06 June 2011

£5,000 Bursary Available for teachers training on PGCE (PCET) Courses. Subjects eligible for Welsh Assembly Government bursary now published. More 


Thinking of starting a Professional Doctorate?

26 May 2011

Are you interested in studying for a Professional Doctorate in Education, Social Work and Health Studies? Professional Doctorates are distinguished from the PhD in both form and rationale: they involve a significant proportion of teaching as well as a smaller research thesis and their aim is to integrate academic and professional knowledge. More


Alan Felstead honoured by the Academy of Social Sciences

21 April 2011

Professor Alan Felstead, School of Social Sciences, has been honoured by the Academy of Social Sciences, for his outstanding contribution to the social sciences. More


Professor Valerie Walkerdine appears on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Aloud

20 April 2011

Radio 4's Thinking Aloud marks the British Sociological Association's 60th anniversary. Laurie Taylor highlights research including, from Cardiff's School of Social Sciences, Professor Valerie Walkerdine study of 'the demise of breadwinning masculinity in a former South Wales steel town'. More


BBC: UK university fees system 'barking', says Professor Teresa Rees

14 April 2011

A standard package of tuition fees and bursaries should be introduced for UK universities, an adviser to the Welsh Assembly Government, has said. Professor Teresa Rees said the different rates for a university education across the UK were "barking". More


Updated UPSI'S report for ACPO on prevent and counter-terrorism policing in the UK released - Coverage Page

11 April 2011

In the most comprehensive study yet conducted, the research, carried out by Universities’ Police Science Institute at Cardiff University (UPSI), assesses the effects of policing in delivery of the Government’s current Prevent strategy, in the Muslim communities of Britain. The report  identifies ways in which the delivery of Prevent policing can be further enhanced and improved. More


Sole MA Social Work in Wales Continues to Meet Care Council Approval

11 April 2011

Following a rigorous five-year period review by the Care Council for Wales, the MA Social Work standards of teaching and assessment are seen to be high. More


New DECIPHer Website Launched

1 April

New DECIPHer Website is launched successfully. More


SOCSI Undergraduate Dissertation Conference

21 March 2011

We have just held our latest Undergraduate Dissertation Conference for final year students to present their aims and preliminary findings from their undergraduate dissertations. This involved over 120 third year students each presenting for fifteen minutes to over 40 academic staff and many second year undergraduates and doctoral research students. More


The Global Auction Reviewed for Times Higher Education

16 March 2011

Times Higher Education have published a review of a new book by Phillip Brown, Hugh Lauder and David Ashton, The Global Auction The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes. This page also contains a video, where Professor Philip Brown talks to SOCSI TV about his new book. More


Updated Harry Collins: Imitation - the Sincerest Form of Understanding?

14 March 2011

A new method developed at the School of Social Sciences assesses how far different social groups understand one another. The Cardiff team, led by Professor Harry Collins, has already trialled the identity tests successfully in Wales. Now, a major European grant will allow them to test attitudes towards religion, ethnicity, gender and sexuality across Europe and beyond. More


Prof Mike Levi: First UK Scholar to be US Society (WCCRC) Vice-President

24 February 2011

Professor Mike Levi, School of Social Sciences and Centre for Crime, Law and Justice, has been elected as Vice-President of the US White-Collar Crime Research Consortium (WCCRC). The consortium promotes increased public awareness of the impact and burden of white collar crime on society through dedicated research. More


Successful ESRC Submission Rate for SOCSI

18 February 2011

Success! ESRC submission rate for SOCSI has been calculated at 84%. The School has been commended for the level of support provided to ensure timely submission by research students. More



Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentships 2011-12. Apply Now

17 February 2011

Having won a coveted place in the national network of training centres accredited by the ESRC, the Wales Doctoral Training Centre (Wales-DTC) is awarding a number of ESRC-funded postgraduate research studentships to support doctoral research and training in the social sciences at the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. Apply Now


Prof Gareth Williams: For Gurnos sake!

15 February 2011

Professor Gareth Williams, School of Social Sciences, calls for a serious analysis of the political work which needs to be done to address social and economic situations in Wales. (W.Mail 15.2.11 letters p16). More


Training in Recession: Training Smarter

9 February 2011

Fears that most UK companies would slash investment in skills training as a result of the recession have proved to be largely unfounded, researchers at Cardiff University and the University of London have concluded. More

UK Staff Trained Despite Recession Research Claims

9 February 2011

BBC News: The recession has not deterred most UK firms from training their staff in new skills, a study has found. Researchers at Cardiff University said the economic downturn had in fact forced companies to concentrate their training in key areas and organise more in-house courses to save money. More


Social Science Experts of the Future Brought to Wales

4 February 2011

Wales’ leading universities have won a multi-million pound award to train top-level social scientists on a range of issues affecting society today. The establishment of a Doctoral Training Centre will allow more than 30 new postgraduate studentships to be offered every year in Wales for the next five years. More


Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference Report

27 January 2011

Sponsored by the University Graduate College, students from the Cardiff School of Social Sciences hosted an Interdisciplinary Conference entitled Research and Practice in Crime, Law and Justice on Friday 14th January. More


Contestation and Continuities Conference Site / Podcasts

27 January 2011

A website and podcast site have been launched following the conference, which includes key note addresses and paper sessions. More

New Central News Centre for University

27 January 2011

A new News Centre has been launched for Cardiff University. More


Making Bad Jobs Better Seminar Series: Register Now

19 January 2011

Cardiff University is hosting the third seminar in the ESRC-funded Seminar Series 2010-11. Making Bad Jobs Better. The seminar series brings together academics, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss existing research on bad jobs, generate policy proposals and identify new research agendas. More


New SKOPE Research Paper Available to Download

11 January 2011

A new research paper is now available to download from the SKOPE website: Research Paper 99: Corporate Ownership and Initial Training in Britain, Germany and Switzerland. More


New Survey on Hate Crime in Wales

11 January 2011

The Cardiff and the Vale Equality and Human Rights Network has launched a new survey inviting people to share their views and experiences of hate crime in Wales. The survey is part of a three-year Big Lottery funded research project which is being led by Race Equality First in partnership with the Centre for Crime, Law and Justice at Cardiff University. More


Glamorgan Building and Cathays Park in the Snow

20 December 2010

View images of the home of the School of Sciences, the Glamorgan Building and surrounding Cathays Park under snow. More


Mike Takes to the Mic!

2 December 2010

Mike Ward was one of several university researchers and lecturers  who have revealed the lighter side of academic life by trying their hand at stand up comedy as part of a new University-led project, Bright Club Wales. More


The Glamorgan Lecture Series - Irena Bauman Video

1 December 2010

Watch the whole lecture by Irena Bauman, filmed as part of the Glamorgan Lecture Series. More


Undergraduate Open Days 2011

30 November 2010 you've applied, or thinking of applying... We run a number of Undergraduate Open Days during the year. Each type of Open Day is organised differently, so you may want to consider coming to more than one. More


SOCSI Supports Sustainability Week

8 November 2010

This week (8-12th November) is Sustainability Week at Cardiff University. The School of Social Sciences have supplied research posters for the event, which can be viewed during Sustainability Week in the VJ Gallery, Main Building. More


Professor Alan Felstead Accepts Prestigious Book Prize

8 November 2010

Professor Alan Felstead's book Improving Working as Learning has been ‘highly recommended’ by the Society for Educational Studies for books published in 2009. More


Cecilia Love Discusses appears on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour

5 November 2010

PhD Student Cecilia Love Discusses Trans-Racial Adoption on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. More


SOCSI Represented at the Global HR Forum 2010

29 October 2010

The School of Social Sciences was represented at the prestigious Global HR Forum this year, at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul, Korea. Professor Philip Brown from the School gave a presentation alongside other major global experts. More


CASciOPe Network Launched by the National Poet for Wales, Gillian Clarke

14 October 2010

The Cardiff University’s Ageing, Science and Older People Network (CASciOPe) was formally launched on 30th September 2010, as a part of the University’s celebrations of the United Nations International Day of Older People.  CASciOPe is a multi-disciplinary research network, spanning most Academic Schools in Cardiff University. More


Find out more about Postgraduate Study in the School of Social Sciences

Cardiff University’s Postgraduate Open Events are coming up. The Postgraduate Open Day is on the 3rd November 2010 and the Postgraduate Open Evening is on the 2nd December 2010. More


Open Evening - Professional Doctorate Programme

Evening of October 6 2010

Are you interested in studying for a Professional Doctorate in Education, Social Work and Health Studies? Professional Doctorates are distinguished from the PhD in both form and rationale: they involve a significant proportion of teaching as well as a smaller research thesis and their aim is to integrate academic and professional knowledge. Our next cohort starts in January 2011, so register your interest now.  More


Disability Equality Award for Social Work Programme

17 September 2010

A forward-thinking approach to the teaching of Social Work at the University has been recognised with an equality award. The Master in Social Work Programme, led by Dr Dolores Davey of the School of Social Sciences directly involves carers and people who use social services in all aspects of the management and delivery of the degree. As a result of its initiatives, the programme and team behind it won an equality award in the public sector category of the Cardiff and Vale Coalition of Disabled People (CVCDP) awards. More


CGLR Announcement – Conferences to Honour Theo Nichols

23 August 2010

In January 2011, The Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) will be hosting two conferences to honour the contribution of Professor Theo Nichols to the study of labour. The two events are scheduled for January 11-12 and all are welcome. More