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News Archive 2009-10

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Archive news stories from the School of Social Sciences:


SKOPE: New Research Papers

11 August 2010

New research are available from the SKOPE web page:
Issues Paper 23: The EQF: an important European enabler or a questionable diversion for bureaucrats?
Issues Paper 22: What is apprenticeship?
Research Paper 95:‘‘We have got the freedom’ A Study of Autonomy and Discretion among Vocational Teachers in Norway and the UK
Research Paper 93: Skill Utilisation: Towards a Measurement and Evaluation Framework. More


Enrolment 2010/11

22 July 2010

You can now access enrolment information for 2010. More


SOCSI Engagement Programme Brings Results

14 July 2010

Cardiff University is extremely active in the national drive to encourage pupils into higher education from areas where there is not much tradition of university access. The visit to the School of Engineering, co-ordinated in association with Dr Ian Jones of the School of Social Sciences, aimed to get the children thinking about University and engineering as options for their future. The project is run by the School of Social Sciences and funded by Beacon for Wales. More


SOCSI Graduation 2010 - Report and Photos

13 July 2010

Monday 12th July saw the Graduation Ceremony for over 200 undergraduates and approximately 100 postgraduates from SOCSI.. More


Latest Bursary Grant Info for PGCE Applicants to Cardiff University

6 July 2010

The Wales Assembly Government has recently announced that for 2010-11 incentive grants  will be awarded for those training to teach in the post compulsory/lifelong learning/ FE sector on full time programmes. More


ESRC /NERC Interdisciplinary Studentship 2010

1 July 2010

Applications are being sought for a prestigious (+3) full-time ESRC/NERC Interdisciplinary Studentship, to be based in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, to begin in October 2010.The project will address the management of ecosystems in the context of the complex interplay between social, economic and ecological needs. The research aims to reduce the apparent governance ‘misfit’ between physical environments, ecosystems, and social institutions. More


New Ralph Fevre Book Reviewed in Times Higher

24 June 2010

A new book by Professor Ralph Fevre - Dead White Men and Other Important People, has been reviewed in the Times Higher. A blog for the book is also up and running. More


The School of Social Sciences participates in new Research Institute

21 June 2010

The School of Social Sciences will be playing a major part in the University’s new Sustainable Places Research Institute, which will create an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of diminishing human and social resources, and climate change. More


SKOPE: New Research Papers

11 June 2010

New research are available from the SKOPE web page. Research Paper 91: ‘No place to hide’? The realities of leadership in UK supermarkets and Research Paper 90: Job Polarisation in the UK: An Assessment Using Longitudinal Data. More


SKOPE: Beyond Current Horizons - After the Election

19 May 2010

Professor Ewart Keep discusses the implications with the change of UK Government for Skills, Education and Training Policy. More


Publication of new SKOPE book: Low-Wage Work in the Wealthy World

30 April 2010

SKOPE has been involved over the last few years in a large Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) research project investigating the extent and causes of low wage work. Following the publication in 2008 of five country studies (UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark) in April 2010, the RSF have published a comparative volume: Low-Wage Work in the Wealthy World. More


Deutschlandfunk Radio discusses Barbara Adam’s public lecture given in Berlin to the Academy of Sciences

8 April 2010

Deutschlandfunk Radio discusses a public lecture by Professor Barbara Adam, given in Berlin to the Academy of Sciences. More


New Website for "Making bad jobs better" Seminar Series

26 March 2010

The Making Bad Jobs Better web site is now up and running, and includes copies of the first seminar presentations and interviews with key participants, along with details of the other seminars in the series. More


DECIPHer - Youth movies highlight health issues - BBC On-line feature

17 March 2010

Young people from Cardiff have made short films to highlight health-related issues such as homelessness and eating disorders. The Picture of Health project was devised by Cardiff University's Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer) to improve the quality of research into health issues. More


UPSI - Responding to anti-social behaviour

15 March 2010

Professor Martin Innes, Director of the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) will lead a review designed to improve the way Police Forces across England and Wales record and act on persistent acts of anti-social behaviour (ASB). More


Centre for Crime, Law and Justice (CCLJ) News Update

9 March 2010

Latest news from the Centre for Crime, Law and Justice including: the new Criminology and Criminal Justice Journal; a major lottery research grant; youth and criminalisation study; completion of ‘Evaluation of the Safer Communities Fund 2006-9’. More


Researching the Recession: SOCSI Wins ESRC Grant

22 January 2010

A team led by Professor Alan Felstead has been awarded an ESRC grant of £202,000 to analyze, compare and explain the impact of the current recession on training in the UK, and in particular, its impact on the long-term ambition of making the UK a world leader in skills, employment and productivity by 2020. More


SKOPE News Winter 2009/10 Issue 13

15 January

A new edition of SKOPE news is now available. More


New Director for the School of Social Sciences

4 January 2010

Professor Malcolm Williams takes up his appointment as the new Director of the School (04.01.2010). Professor Williams was previously professor of Social Research Methodology at the University of Plymouth where he was Head of the School of Law and Social Sciences, before a recent re-organisation which led to him leading a new School of Applied Psycho-Social Sciences. More


Tracing Hate Crime

4 January 2010

Relatively little is known about the true extent of hate crime and its impact on victims.   Reporting levels are amongst the lowest for all crimes meaning a substantial dark figure exists.  Police estimate that most racist and religious hatred crimes, and as much as 90% of homophobic hate crime, goes unreported. More


Postgrad Cafe Report: Balsawood and brown paper: 11 November 2009

30 November 2009

Coinciding with Armistice Day, the Postgrad Cafe held a very interesting evening with veterans and academics and a report on this session is now available. More


University part of major new climate change initiative

27 November 2009

Experts from across the University are part of a Wales-wide consortium to study the impact of climate change and considerably enhance the climate science profile of Wales. Announced today, Cardiff has joined forces with the universities of Aberystwyth, Bangor, and Swansea in the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W), a £4 million initiative to be financed by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) through the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW). Cardiff will receive nearly a quarter of the investment to support research, including faculty positions and researchers across six partner schools – Biosciences, Psychology, Earth and Ocean Sciences, City and Regional Planning, Engineering, and Social Sciences. More


PhD awards to attend ESRC Seminar Series - Making Bad Jobs Better: Practice and Policy

19 November 2009

Five awards are available to PhD students who would like to attend the seminar series and participate in dissemination activities. The awards are worth up to £300 to contribute to travel and subsistence associated with the seminars. More


Whitehall veto for human rights in Wales, Western Mail, 12th November 2009

12 November 2009

The Assembly Government's ambitious rhetoric on human rights has yet to be matched in reality and is held back by a lack of powers, according to a major report for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, authored by Dr Paul Chaney, School of Social Sciences. More


Helping shape Wales of tomorrow

5 November 2009

The First Minister officially launched the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Method (WISERD) at the Senedd Building Cardiff Bay (October 22). Cardiff University is one of the five campuses of the St David’s Day group of Universities in Wales which have come together to embark on this major programme of research bringing together economists and social scientists from across the five campuses. Commenting on the launch of Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Method (WISERD) the First Minister has said: “WISERD is part of the Welsh Assembly Government's commitment to enhancing research in Wales. It will do this by not only ensuring adequate investment, but also by focusing on building excellent research management capacity within Welsh Higher Education Institutions.” More



Apply for ESRC Studentships 2010

5 November 2009

There are 11 ESRC Quota Awards for PhD study in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. Awards are available on either a 1+3 or +3 basis. A 1+3 studentship provides funding for four years, the first year for taking an MSc, followed by 3 years funding for a PhD. A +3 studentship provides funding for the three years only, and assumes that the applicant will already have had research training from an ESRC Research Training recognised MSc degree. We are seeking exceptional applicants with a first or upper second class Honours degree, or a Masters degree with an average mark of at least 65. More


How to solve the problem of truancy? The Guardian, Education, 3rd November 2009

3 November 2009

Philippa James, a PhD researcher at the School of Social Sciences, believes truanting children are working out better ways of deceiving schools. More


Can crafts close the gender gap? The Independent, Education Section, 1st October 2009

1 October 2009

Gabrielle Ivinson, specialist in gender studies , School of Social Sciences, comments on the Craftspace project to introduce under-achieving boys to traditionally male-dominated crafts. She worries it might be a step back to a more regressive system of education. More


Ditch GCSEs and A-levels to improve learning, TES Cymru, 25 September 2009

28 September 2009

Professor Gareth Rees, School of Social Sciences, is quoted on the Welsh launch of the Nuffield Report into 14-19 education. More


Professor Valerie Walkerdine features on Women's Hour, BBC Radio 4, 17th September 2009

18 September 2009

The mainstream marketing and representation of young girls as sexually desirable objects has been labelled a 'media juggernaut'. A new book, The Lolita Effect, argues that not only does this create a difficult climate within which to give girls a healthy introduction to sexuality, it also goes some way to normalising the global sexual abuse of children. So what evidence is there for such a troubling connection, what should we be doing about it, and are all young girls equally vulnerable to the lure of pole-dancing kits and sexy lingerie? Jenni Murray puts these questions to Gigi Durham, author of The Lolita Effect, Valerie Walkerdine, Professor in the School of Social Science at Cardiff University, and Eleanor James of the campaign group Mind the Gap. Listen again here


Women Rise in Seafaring Ranks, Associated Press, 16th September 2009

17 September 2009

Momoko Kitada, a SIRC Nippon Foundation Fellow currently studying women seafarers and their identities, is quoted about her experiences whilst at sea. More


The skills gap is still a divisive issue - Sunday Times, 13th September 2009

14 September 2009

Professor Ewart Keep is quoted in an article questioning whether employers are right to complain that schools are churning out a generation of young people who are ill-equipped for the most basic demands of the British workplace. More


New report "Fair treatment at work report: findings from the 2008 survey" now available

11 September 2009

Professor Ralph Fevres is the lead author of a major new report from the UK Department For Business Innovation & Skills which highlights the complex relationship between people's reports of employment problems and their understanding of their rights at work. It also investigates the way that employees use the framework of employment rights and identifies some of the key characteristics of vulnerable workers. A press release from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills summarises some of the findings. More


School of Social Sciences 10th Anniversary Lecture Video

8 September 2009

To celebrate the School of Social Sciences 10th Anniversary, a lecture titled "Politics and the Social Sciences" was presented by Professor Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley. The video for this lecture can now be viewed. (Real Player required). More


Thinking of doing a Professional Doctorate Course in January 2010?

19 August 2009

Are you interested in studying for a Professional Doctorate in Education, Social Work and Health Studies? Professional Doctorates are distinguished from the PhD in both form and rationale: they involve a significant proportion of teaching as well as a smaller research thesis and their aim is to integrate academic and professional knowledge. Our next cohort starts in January 2010, so register your interest now. There will be an Open Evening at the School on Wednesday 7th October 2009 at 6pm where you can find out more information about studying with us. More