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Details of Conference Programme

Who is contributing to the programme for the day?

Invited plenary speakers will mark out and provoke questions about the whats, hows and whys of QLL study within key disciplinary/cross disciplinary arenas (e.g. psychosocial studies) and other key, cutting edge arenas of methodological innovation (e.g. multimodality, sensory methods, narrative inquiry).

Projects from within the Timescapes network will demonstrate and showcase how they have been taking forward their work on methodological questions, as they exist within their own substantive areas of study into relationships and identities through the life course.

Symposia & workshops

There will be parallel sessions (symposia and workshops) on selected key tasks, topics and issues that have become particularly salient to the development of QLL study within the Timescapes network. Questions to be addressed include:

• How to build a live, working archive of data and make it available within and beyond the network for secondary analysis/reuse? What is being learned about conducting inquiries where data generation is intended for project specific purposes and being prepared with wider reuse in mind?

• What issues are involved in generating, utilising and archiving qualitative longitudinal data? Are there ways of doing this that will facilitate the reuse of multimedia/multimodal data?

• How are multimedia and sensory methods being used to capture and represent the dynamics of lives?

• How do researchers involved in QLL and temporal study experience fieldwork and research relations?

• How can experiments in data sharing and linking be brought to fruition? How can different (qualitative and quantitative) longitudinal data sets be linked?

• How do we analyse temporal data of different kinds? How can we demonstrate the benefits of cumulative analysis of waves of temporal data? In what different ways does scaling up of qualitative longitudinal data occur?

Symposia will be invited from cutting edge methodological innovations that are highly synergistic with the aims and aspirations of Timescapes – further details of these sessions to follow.

Programme, Parallel Sessions and Abstracts

Details of the Programme, Parallel Sessions and Abstracts will be available on the website as they are finalised.

If you are interested in participating in the conference your initial contact is Sian Faire (email: Please let Sian know if you wish to present your work at a session on one of the above topics, or if you wish to organise a symposium or workshop yourself on another topic germane to the craft of QLL. Your expression of interest will be passed onto an appropriate member of the conference organising team.


While the details on this website are accurate at the time of writing, and will be updated as often as we are able, the programme is under development and there will be alterations to the programme between now and the conference.