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Immigrants, Scroungers and Taxpayers: the politics of citizenship

Starts: 15:00  28 October 2013
Ends:  16:30  28 October 2013

Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson

Citizenship is defined from the outside, by the non-citizen, (the ‘migrant’) and from the inside, by the failed citizen (the benefit scrounger, the drug addict, the criminal etc). The politics of non-citizenship and of failed citizenship are kept apart – the migrant is NOT a criminal or a benefit scrounger, while the rights of e.g. the benefit claimant are theirs precisely because they are NOT a foreigner. In this presentation I will see what happens if we use the same analytical lens to consider both non-citizenship and failed citizenship, and will argue that what comes into focus is the position of the taxpayer as the Good Citizen. The citizen has rights, but the taxpayer pays for them, suggesting the continuing importance of property ownership for the true citizen stakeholder. I will argue for the importance of relating immigration politics to the politics of citizens and vice versa.

Bridget Anderson is Professor of Migration and Citizenship at the University of Oxford and Deputy Director of COMPAS

Her talk is based on research in her new book: US & Them? The Dangerous Politics of Immigration Control (2013: Oxford University Press)

3pm, 28th October, Committee Room 2, Glamorgan Building

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