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Events Archive 2013


09/01/13 Education Policy Analysis Seminar Series: Evaluating the Foundation Phase in Wales 
09/01/13 Investigating community led energy demand reduction initiatives through the lens of “energy biographies” 
17/01/13 Education, Skill and Empowering the Individual in the Labour Market


01/02/13 Undergraduate School Open Day 
05/02/13 British Sociological Society: Meet the Editors Event
06/02/13 Education Policy Analysis Seminar Series: Understanding the Millennium Cohort Study: its relevance for education policy analysis 
07/02/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: Homelessness, legislation and social justice in Wales 
07/02/13 Why Culture Matters Lecture Series: 'The Future of Relationships - Why Culture Matters' 
07/02/13 Education for Social Chance Lecture Series: 'A Democratic Public Education: The Vision of a Meeting Place Between Early Childhood and Compulsory Education' 
20/02/13 Helminths and Human Centipedes: The Theory and Practice of Disgust 
21/02/13 The Gendered Construction of Scientific 'Excellence' 
22/02/13 Undergraduate School Open Day
26/02/13 Cardiff Policy Cafe - 'Co-production: Participation by a new name or something more radical'? 
27/02/13 Ethnography Group Lectures: 'Trust, science and ethics', and 'Discovering dark matter: ways of not seeing'
28/02/13 Fighting Back: What Lessons Can Be Learned From the Union Struggles of the 1980s?


13/03/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: Inequalities in Access to Higher Education 
13/03/13 Ethnography Group Lectures: 'Environmental Volunteering: Ephemeral communities and the generation of values' and 'Motivations, Diversity and the ‘Dual-sited migration’ of Workers from Turkey
14/03/13 Is university life becoming more sexist?
15/03/13 Undergraduate School Open Day 
19/03/13 Developing a Healthy Universities network in Wales: challenges and opportunities
23/03/13 Undergraduate School Open Day 
25/03/12 - 26/03/12 ESRC RDI teaching quantitative methods - Embedding quantitative methods in political sociology, race, ethnicity and migration
25/03/13 Ethnography Group Lecture: Memory clinics and the sociology of dementia diagnosis
26/03/13 Cardiff Policy Cafe -  'A night to discuss the Welsh Baccalaureate'


11/04/13 Launch of the new Social and Public Policy Professional Doctorate
11/04/13 SIRC Book launch: International seafarers and transnationalism in the twenty-first century
16/04/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: Welsh Speakers and the Labour Market
16/04/13 Mindfulness in San Quentin prison, California
18/04/13 Why Culture Matters Lecture Series: 'Policy as Culture-making'
19/04/13 Crime Control and Devolution: policy-making and expert knowledge in a multi-tiered democracy: An ESRC Seminar Series
24/04/13 Work Skills, Training and Job Control in the Recession
4/04/13 Food: Good, Bad or Ugly
25/04/13 Making Culture Matter: Tangible and Intangible Properties of Culture, their Measurement and Meaning, in Environmental Management Contexts
25/04/13 BSA Medical Sociology Wales discussion about the Francis Report
27/04/13 Undergraduate School Open Day

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01/05/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: The Elderly and Access to Services in Rural Wales
01/05/13 Education Policy Analysis Seminar Series: How market-orientated education policies have cost the NHS
16-18/05/13 Academic publishing in the Social Sciences
20/05/13 Work intensification, fear at work and job-related well-being in Britain
22/05/13 Cardiff Policy Cafe: 'The only way is ethics'
28/05/13 Mock PhD Viva (Humanities and Social Sciences)


04/06/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: Class, Lifestyles and Health Inequalities
05/06/13 Education Policy Analysis Seminar Series: Further Education: envisioning the future
05-06/06/13 What Things Can We Do with Words? Answers from Italian Fascism (1919–1922) and Georgia Lynchings (1875–1930) - 2 day workshop
12/06/13 Paths to Utopia: A Roundtable Session
12/06/13 Dealing with Disability: Ethnographic Observations in Clinical Settings
13/06/13 Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) - Meet the team at 'brown bag' lunch
13/06/13 Discursis, a Visual Discourse Analysis Technique
25/06/13 - 26/06/13 WISERD Conference 2013
28/06/13 ESRC-QM Researcher Development Initiative: Training Quantitative Social Sciences Teachers in the UK


03/07/13 Unequal Wales Seminar Series: Migrant workers in Wales 
03-04/07/13 Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) International Symposium
05/07/13 The invaded/invading body: putting culture and context centre stage
08/07/13 Working in Wales: Findings from the Skills and Employment Survey 2012
12/07/13 Energy Biographies and Family Lives and the Environment - Workshop
16/07/13 SOCSI Graduation Ceremony and Party in the marquee


06/08/13 SOCSI Book launch


26/09/13 Cardiff University Distinguished Lecture: Professor Randall Collins, 'Violence as Emotional Dominance: Micro-sociological causes'
27/09/13 Goffman and the Interaction Order: 30 years on


09/10/13 'Child sexual exploitations, problems and solutions from the perspectives of young people' - Social Work Research & Practice guest lecture
10/10/13 Neither Soiled nor Scared? Sociology in Pariah Sites
17/10/13 'Cross-Sector Partnerships in Contemporary Criminal Justice' and 'The 'Buddi' Scheme' - Cardiff Centre for Crime Law & Justice Research Seminar
24/10/13 'The double taboo: Sex work and drug use in a subculture which is kept in the dark' - Social Work Research & Practice guest lecture
28/10/13 Immigrants, Scroungers and Taxpayers: the politics of citizenship


06/11/13 The Safer Cardiff Research Programme - Cardiff Centre for Crime Law & Justice Research Seminar
06/11/13 Getting on in the UK: migrants, ethnic minorities, networks, social mobility and integration
13/11/13 'The role of social workers in suicide prevention' - Social Work Research & Practice guest lecture
19/11/13 Glamorgan Lecture Series - What is to be Done About Health Inequalities?
21/11/13 Moral panics: a workshop - Social Work Research & Practice guest lecture
22/11/13 Moral Panics and the State - ESRC seminar hosted by Professor Mark Drakeford
28/11/13 Cardiff Centre for Crime Law & Justice Research Seminar


05/12/13 Hip Hop, Power and Resistance
11/12/13 Research at the Intersection of Science and Medicine
Cardiff Centre for Crime Law & Justice Research Seminar
12/12/13 The problem of public toilets: Inadequate, divided and contested provision
6/12/13 Graduate Conference: Re-Imagining Society Through a Socio-Legal Lens

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