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Helminths and Human Centipedes: The Theory and Practice of Disgust

Starts: 20 February 2013

Wednesday 20th February 2013, 3:00-4:30pm, Room -1.56 (Glamorgan Building)

The Medicine, Science and Culture Research Interest Group, a branch of the Culture, Imagination & Practice Research Group set up to explore, debate, and critique emerging issues/contours in medical and scientific worlds, is hosting a session entitled: 'Helminths and Human Centipedes: The Theory and Practice of Disgust.'

This session will be dedicated to thinking through the idea of disgust. It will proceed with two presentations followed by an open debate involving all attendees.

Our speakers are Professor Andrew Lawrence (PSYCH) and David Griffiths (ENCAP). Professor Andrew Lawrence will discuss the psychology and neurobiology of disgust, particularly how it evolved from a food-rejection system to underpin various forms of aesthetic, social and moral rejection. David Griffiths will discuss his work on the use of parasitic worms, or helminths, for health benefits and how this interacts with ideas surrounding disgust.

More information about the Medicine, Science and Culture Research Interest Group is available here.


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Open To: Staff and Students