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Ethnography, Culture and Interpretive Analysis: Peter Phillips (St Michael’s College), Corrine Funnel (SOCSI) and Francesca Montemaggi (CPLAN)

Starts: 19 May 2011

Thursday 19th May, 3.00p.m – 5.00pm, Room -1.56 (Glamorgan Building)

The Ethnography, Culture and Interpretive Analysis Research Group present:


Peter Phillips (PhD student, SHARE & St Michael’s College, Llandaff)

The role of the Anglican prison chaplain in England and Wales in the twenty first century

The Anglican chaplain has been one of the three statutory appointments to every prison since 1823.  An early rationale was embodied in Howard’s State of the Prisons (1777) and the role was officially defined in the Gaol Acts of 1823 and 1835, reaching essentially its present definition in the Prisons Act of 1877, under which all salaried chaplains became civil servants, repeated in the Prisons Act of 1952.  The early chaplains were seen, and saw themselves, as central to the reformation of offenders.  Several of them wrote at length about their ministry and one interview transcription survives.  My research intends to discover through semi structured interviews how today’s chaplains narrate their role and its function over against formulations of it by church and state.   The data and their analysis should establish a wider narrative of state sponsored chaplaincy within a developing penal discourse (e.g. Liebling  2001, Crawley 2004, Wahidin 2004, Crewe 2009) where criminology and ethnography intersect.  My findings will be wholly grounded in the data analysis.


Corrine Funnel (SOCSI)

Ethnographic reflections on racist hate crime

The presenter will discuss her experiences of conducting ethnographic research into racist hate crime. The focus is on the expected and unexpected risks and challenges which have arisen, and the complex location of the researcher in the research process. Also, the presenter calls into question how the student-researcher ensures ethical research practice, and factors risk into the research design on matters for which there is little guidance or protection.


Francesca E. S. Montemaggi (CPLAN)

Title to be Announced


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Open To: Staff and Students