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Equalty2020: Creating Our Vision for Wales

Starts: 11 September 2012

Equality 2020 / Cydraddoldeb 2020

Summary evaluation of comment forms

Of the one hundred and forty eight people who attended, thirty eight returned comment forms on the day of the conference. We would be grateful for the return of more forms; you can complete your form electronically and return by email to or send a hard copy in the post. A copy of the comments form can be downloaded here.

Highlight of the day

Most respondents picked out a speaker whose presentation was particularly inspiring or resonant. The impact of welfare reform, the 5 key challenges set out by the EHRC, the Welsh Government’s commitment to equality in difficult times and the voluntary sector presentations from Disability Wales, Age Cymru, BAWSO, Stonewall Cymru and the WCVA were most often singled out for praise. The workshop sessions from the academics were also mentioned as the highlight of the day by many.

Vision of equality attendees took back to their organisations

Among many replies, respondents listed: making equality the responsibility of all; more networking, sharing ideas, engaging with other organisations; bringing agendas of health, education, equality, poverty and quality together for a shared vision; partnership working and making all parts of the organisation understand and act on the goals for equality because it is just part of delivering a service that provides for all and in so doing promotes equality.  

Support for and equality conference in 2013

There was overwhelming support for an annual equality conference.

Focus of the event in 2013

No single focus emerged from the responses but suggestions included: partnership working, a review of how the Westminster government’s treatment of the Equality Act is impacting; an assessment of actions under the Welsh Specific Equality Duties with examples of good and bad practice;  an update on welfare reform; how equality strategies and policies are being integrated to promote equality; latest thinking/research/ evidence base for equalities in Wales; reviewing the impact of the Paralympics on attitudes towards disabled people; latest position on socio-economic inequalities; implementation and operational effectiveness for mainstreaming equality and building an integrated approach among organisations.

Suggestions for improvement

There were several constructive suggestions relating to the venue, which we will feedback.

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