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Culture, Imagination and Practice Research Group (CIP): Rachel Hurdley (Cardiff University, SOCSI)

Starts: 11 May 2011

Culture, Imagination & Practice Research Group (CIP)

Wednesday 11th March, 3-5pm, Room 1.65 (Glamorgan Building)

Culture, Imagination and Practice Research Group present:

Speaker: Rachel Hurdley (Cardiff University, SOCSI)

Making Wales, remembering home: Refugees’ Futures

'Making Wales, remembering home' is a series of four short films made with three asylum seekers and one refugee, funded by Beacon for Wales.  These explore the different dimensions of how asylum seekers and refugees make their homes in Wales, and how easily they can be unmade.  Often caught in the workings of a complex and alien system, asylum seekers can seem trapped in an eternal present, a 'waiting room' where no life and no home can be built.  However, places such as drop-in centres, new friendships, traditions transposed from 'home', and hopeful practices, such as attending English classes, produce fragile homes-in-the-making.  Further, their interpretations of Wales and Cardiff, of making a home here, questions taken-for-granted ideas. Yet, the fear and disempowerment  that opening an envelope can effect shows the power of paper bureaucracy in dismembering home, identity and status.  Understandings of identity have moved towards notions of the contingent and relational, too often conflated with neo-liberal conceptions of the choice-making individual.  Caught between 'home' and 'Home Office, the film-makers show this world in reverse.


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Open To: Staff and Students