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MASRiG: Davina Allen (Director of Research, Nursing and Health Studies)

Starts: 4 March 2009

Wednesday 4th March, 4-5pm

Room -1.79, The Glamorgan Building

Davina Allen (Director of Research, Nursing and Health Studies)

Title: The social organization of integrated care pathway development: from boundary concept to boundary object

Integrated care pathways are care management technologies which formalise multi-disciplinary working, enabling professionals to examine service processes and how they articulate their respective roles, responsibilities and activities. Their purported advantages and benefits are “prodigious” (Hale 1997) and they are increasingly advanced as the solution to a wide range of clinical health care issues. In this presentation care pathways are conceptualized as boundary objects (Star and Griesemer 1998) linking clinical and management worlds. This paper reports on emerging findings from an ongoing ethnographic study of the social organisation of integrated care pathway development. Drawing on a case study of a mental health safety ICP, it examines the multiple purposes for which ICPs are being developed and the inherently political processes (Berg, 1997b) through which originators negotiate and settle upon a given pathway. Drawing on members’ knowledge of local work organisation and the affordances of paper-based technologies in practice, local ICP developers display considerable skill in ‘working around’ some of the tensions inherent in clinical governance agenda.


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Open To: Staff and Students