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Measuring Markets: Research Team and Funders
Introduction Dr Stephen Gorard
Dr John Fitz
Dr Chris Taylor

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Research Team
The Project team consists of four participants at Cardiff University.  The principal grant holders are Dr. Stephen Gorard and Dr. John Fitz and there is a full-time Research Associate, Dr. Chris Taylor. 

Full biographies for Dr Stephen Gorard and Dr John Fitz can be found by following the links given at the top of this page, but a brief outlines of the  project team are given below. 

The project is being conducted at Cardiff School of Social Sciences (SOCSI), at Cardiff University of Wales and is funded by the ESRC for a two-year period starting September 1999.  The links at the top of this page will give you further information about the people and funders involved. 

Dr Stephen Gorard and Dr Chris Taylor are now working on the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme Research Capacity Building Network, based here at the Cardiff University School of Social Sciences. To find out more about this project please take a look at the website <>.

Please direct any emails about this project to Chris Taylor in the first instance.

Dr Stephen Gorard
Stephen was a secondary school teacher for 14 years. He is currently a Reader at the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, specialising in educational policy and social science research methods. In addition to this project he is currently working on differential attainment in school outcomes, and the creation of learner identities through participation in lifelong learning. 
Tel: 029 2087 5113
Dr John Fitz
John is a Reader in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. His research has focused on education policy making, school choice and standards driven reforms in education. He has co-directed research on Grant-Maintained Schools, school inspection and markets and choice in education. 
Tel: 029 2087 5093
Dr Chris Taylor
Chris has come from the Geography Department, University of Leicester, where he was employed as a full-time lecturer while completing his PhD. His PhD was entitled 'The Geography of Education Markets and School Choice' and made use of pupil postcodes and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to study the patterns of school competition in a number of differing LEAS and 'local' markets. 
Tel: 029 2087 6318
Fax: 029 20874678

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