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The FARE Score



‘FARE Score’ and ‘FARE Questions’ are Cardiff University copyright. They refer to the three questions which the British Workplace Behaviour Survey has established as critical tools for use in the diagnosis of troubled workplaces:

  1. Where I work, the needs of the organisation always come before the needs of people
  2. Where I work, you have to compromise your principles
  3. Where I work, people are treated as individuals

These questions are available for use by other researchers and as part of employee engagement surveys. Users are requested to refer to them as the FARE Questions and to cite one or more of our publications and this webpage when publishing or disseminating their questionnaires and/or results. Please notify us of your use of the FARE questions by emailing An agreement which will allow users to access information needed to derive a benchmark FARE score for all UK sectors will be available soon.

[COMING SOON: licensing agreements for researchers and educational use, public-sector organisations and private-sector companies.]