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  Women and Relationships to the Internet: A PhD Research Project


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Documents for Participants

This page contains copies of all the sheets that are sent out to participants during the research. Check back here if you've mislaid a sheet, or want to look up something on a form you've returned to me. Later on in the project, updates or links to related information will be added here.

Information Sheet This contains basic information about the project. Additional information can be found elsewhere on this site. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions that aren't covered here.

Consent Form This is the form that you will be asked to sign at the start of the project. It is used to makes sure I have your permission to keep the information I want to. It also makes sure you understand your rights to give your information anonymously, and to leave the project or withdraw things you've already told me.

Contact Details If I don't already have a reliable way of contacting you, I'll ask you to fill in a contact details form at the start of the project. This is for my use only to contact you during the project, and it will be destroyed when it's complete. Contact details will never be linked with the information that you provide as part of the research.

Audio-diary Instructions These are instructions for the audio-diary part of the research, which is the first phase of the project. Before you start we'll talk on the phone, and go over the instructions on this sheet.

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