Robert Evans
Expertise and Interdisciplinarity

My interest in interdisciplinarity stems from my first postdoctoral research post, which was as a researcher on a ‘sustainable cities’ project funded by the EPSRC. More recently, I have been involved in an NSF funded Sustainability Research Co-ordination Network progam led by for Sustainability organised by Professor Tom Seager of ASU.

Key ideas

My work on interdisciplinarity combines my own experiences as a researcher on an EPSRC research project, in which I worked with colleagues in Survey, Civil Engineering and Town and Country Planning, with my more recent work on the nature of expertise. In making the connections between these two sets of ideas, two sets of questions have emerged:

Key Publications

Collins, Harry and Robert Evans and Mike Gorman (2007) ‘Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise’, in Collins, Harry (ed) Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Special Issue – Case Studies of Expertise and Experience, Vol. 38, No. 4, pp 657-66. <>..

Evans, R J and Marvin, S (2006) ‘Researching the Sustainable City: Three Modes of Interdisciplinarity’, Environment and Planning (A), 38(6): 1009-1028. <>

Evans, R J, Guy, S and Marvin S (2001) 'Views of the City: Multiple Pathways to Sustainable Transport Futures', Local Environment 6(2) 121-33. <

Evans, Robert, Marvin, Simon and Guy, Simon (1999) 'Making a Difference: SSK and Urban Energy Policies'. Science Technology and Human Values 24(1): 104-130. <


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