EUROQUAL - Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences in Europe


The EUROQUAL programme will aim to link social scientists across Europe, in order to ensure that expertise is shared across the major national and regional research communities and to enable the development of further innovation.

The programme aims to:

  • advance knowledge of the methods of analysing increasingly complex social science data;
  • increase the capacity to analyse such data; and
  • advance comparative qualitative social science.

The strategies for achieving these aims include:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise, enabling networking among European scholars;
  • Increasing the numbers of European social scientists trained to an advanced level in qualitative techniques;
  • Training young social scientists and enhancing the skills-base of academic leaders;
  • Transferring methodological expertise across disciplinary and national boundaries in Europe;
  • Developing interdisciplinary methodological awareness across European disciplinary networks;
  • Promoting the use of qualitative research in the pursuit of European-wide programmes of social and cultural research.