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Student Testimonials

Find out from recent graduates of the MSc in Science, Media and Communication how the course helped them land their dream jobs!

Simon Jones

Simon Jones

MSc Science, Media and Communication (2011-2012)

After completing an undergraduate degree in physics, Simon started the MSc course to learn about science in television and documentary making and to pursue a career in this area. Through the partnership with the Cardiff School of Journalism, Simon learnt more about filming techniques and procedures for editing, whilst greatly bolstering his knowledge of the industry.

Immediately after finishing the MSc course in 2012, Simon was offered work experience at BBC Television Centre, working on the new science magazine programme “Dara O’Briain’s Science Club”. This foot-in-the-door opportunity involved research, collating archive footage and running errands across central London. Following this, Simon took a different direction and was offered a job working at Cardiff University’s science outreach organisation, Science Made Simple, as a schools’ presenter. This involves travelling across the UK to perform engineering workshops and careers talks for secondary school audiences. As of February 2014, he continues to enjoy this role and the variety the job brings.

“When I think back to the start of the MSc course, the idea of standing on a stage and talking to people terrified me.  Through the Presenting Science module at Techniquest, I was able to build up experience and core skills in addressing audiences. Now I’m able to talk to audiences of hundreds without batting an eyelid. Even outside of science communication, that’s a fantastic ability to master.”


Zoë Randell

MSc Science, Media and Communication (2010-2011) 

Zoë has always loved science, and went to university to study for a degree in Functional Genomics and Stem Cell Science. Through the course of her degree, she discovered that her favourite part wasn’t performing the experiments themselves, it was actually telling other people about the amazing things she’d found out. It was then she decided to pursue a career in science communication, and went to Cardiff to read MSc. Science, Media and Communication.

The MSc covers a wide range of science communication areas, including one entitled ‘Presenting Science’, where students train and present science shows at Techniquest, children’s’ science discovery centre. Zoë particularly enjoyed this aspect of science communication, and provided experience for her current job as a Science Communicator for Science Made Simple, award winning science communication company.

Her current role involves travelling the country performing science shows and workshops to all ages, developing new science shows and spreading her love of science.

Presenting Science

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Both Simon and Zoe selected the documentary-making option of the course which is taught by Angela Graham, a freelance television producer and member of the IWA's Media Policy group. 

Angela is organising an event on June 5th to discuss Science on TV in Wales.  Find out more about the event here