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SOCSI Society

SOCSI Society

The SOCSI society is a course based society for all Social Science students. 

The society aims to bring together and bond the students within the school. We strive to efficiently welcome new fresher students while ensuring older students remain in the university spirit. 

Throughout the year we organise endless events looking to get to socialise and get know our members better. Our socials have included safari and army themed nights, as well as integrating with other societies for friendly competition socials. Additionally, we have successful SOCSI netball and football teams, and have orchestrated an easier means for students to buy and sell academic books between years. Furthermore we carry out bake sales, sell customised SOCSI hoodies and wish to bring back the SOCSI Ball in 2013/14, enabling members to celebrate their time at Cardiff University. 

Our society is open to any ideas and feedback and is willing to respond to any questions or support needed. Follow our link to Cardiff students:

Only £3 to sign up! Find the SOCSI Society group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive all our information........get involved!


Emma De Clercq, SOCSI Committee