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Research Profile

Prof Tony Coxon 

Selected Publications

These main publications are arranged by Subject Area, and by publication date within Subject Area.
(full list of Publications and further details of authorship will be found in )


  • 1964 An elite in the making, New Society, November
  • 1967 Patterns of occupational recruitment: the Anglican ministry, Sociology, v.1
  • 1979 The Fate of the Anglican Clergy, London: Macmillan (with R.C. Towler)
  • 2007 Tiliopoulos, N,  A P Bikker, Coxon, A P M, Hawkins, PK The means and ends of religiosity: A fresh look at Gordon Allport's religious orientation dimensions, Personality and Individual Differences,  42 (8) pp 1609-1620


  • 1972 Occupational attributes:  constructs and structure, Sociology, v.5
  • 1974 
    • Occupational similarities:  subjective aspects of social stratification, Quality and Quantity, v.8
    • Problems in the selection of occupational titles, Sociological Review, v.22
  • 1975 Social Mobility, ed., Harmondsworth: Penguin
  • 1978 The Images of Occupational Prestige, London: Macmillan (v1 of POOC trilogy)
  • 1979   
    • Class and Hierarchy, London: Macmillan (v2 of POOC trilogy) - Images and predication: the use of subjective occupational hierarchies, Quality and Quantity, v.13, pp 121-140
    • Measurement and Meaning, London: Macmillan (v3 of POOC trilogy)
  • 1986 Images of Social Stratification: Occupational Structures and Class, (first author: P.M. Davies). This is a more accessible account of POOC and its findings. London: Sage Publications (BSA Book Club title, 1987)
  • 2002 Criterion validity and occupational classification: the seven economic employment relations measures and the NS-SEC, in D. Rose and D.J. Pevalin, eds A Researcher's guide to the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification , pp 107-130. London: Sage Publications


  • The mapping of family-composition preferences:  a scaling analysis, Social Science Research, v.3
  • 1977 Multidimensional scaling, in C Payne and C O'Muircheartaigh, eds, The Analysis of Survey Data:  Exploring Data Structures, Chichester:  John Wiley.
  • 1979   Multidimensional scaling: exploration to confirmation, Quality and Quantity, v.14
  • 1982 
    • The Users' Guide to Multidimensional Scaling, London: Heinemann
    • Key Texts in Multidimensional Scaling, London: Heinemann (The key twin volumes for MDS(X)
  • 1983   Multidimensional scaling, in D MacKay, N Schofield and P Whiteley, eds, Data Analysis and the Social Sciences, London: Pinter
  • 1988    Developing MDS in an Exploratory Context, in F Faulbaum and H -M Uehlinger, eds Forschritte der Statistik-Software 1, Stuttgart/New York: Gustav Fischer Verlag
  • 1997 SNOUT: An intelligent assistant for Exploratory Data Analysis (with Scott PD, Hobbs MH, Williams RJ)   Proceedings of First European Symposium on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Berlin: Springer Verlag
  • 2003 
    • 4 entries in: Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Alan E. Bryan and Tim Futing Liao, eds The Sage Encyclopaedia of Social Science Research Methods, London Sage Publications [ multidimensional scaling (669-672) , diary (261-2), sorting (1048-9), dissimilarity (275-6) ]
    • Spruyt, K, L.M. O'Brien, A.P.Macmillan Coxon, R. Cluydts, G. Verleye, R. Ferri, Multidimensional Scaling of pediatric sleep breathing problems and bio-behavioral correlates, Sleep Medicine, 7(3), pp 269-280
  • 2008 Hassad, Rossi and APM Coxon (2008) Development and Initial Validation of a Scale to Measure Instructors' Attitudes toward Concept-Based Teaching of Introductory Statistics in the Health and Behavioral Sciences, Proc.  International Statistical Institute, 56th Session, 2007 International Statistical Institute, 56th Session
  • 2010 Tiliopoulos, Niko , Pallier, Gerry, Coxon,  Anthony P.M. A circle of traits: A perceptual mapping of the NEO-PI-R, Personality and Individual Differences 48 , pp 34-39


  • 1988
    • `Something sensational ...' The Sexual Diary as tool for mapping detailed sexual behaviour, Sociological Review, 36 (2), 353-367
    • Towards a Sociology of Aids, Social Studies Review, 3, 191-197
    • The Numbers Game: Gay Lifestyles, Epidemiology and Social Science, in P Aggleton and H Homans, eds Social Aspects of Aids, London: Falmer
  • 1989  
    • Editorial review: Research on Aids: behavioural perspectives, Aids, 3 (4) 191-197
    • Patterns in Homosexual Relations: The Use of the Diary Method, in M Hubert, ed., Sexual Behaviour and Risks of HIV Infection, Brussels: Presse Saint Louis
      Seroprevalence of HIV-1 infection in a cohort of sexually active men, Genitourinary Medicine, 66, 423-427
  • 1991 Changes in Sexual Behaviour in a large Cohort of Homosexually Active Men in England and Wales 1988-1989, British Medical Journal, 302, 505-506
  • 1992  
    • The Structure of Sexual Behaviour, Journal of Sex Research, 29 (1), 61-83
    • The Sexual Behaviour of young gay men in England and Wales AIDS Care, 4,3 259-272
  • 1993 
    • Strategies in Eliciting Sensitive Sexual Information: the case of Gay Men, Sociological Review, 41 (3), 537-556
    • Sex Role Separation in Sexual Diaries of Homosexual Men, Aids, 7 (6), 877-882
  • 1995 Networks and Sex: some social contexts of  Gay Men's Response to HIV/Aids, in  R Parker and  John Gagnon, eds, Conceiving  Sexuality: Approaches to Sex Research in a Postmodern World, London: Routledge, pp 215-234
  • 1996 
    • Changes in homosexual behaviour, in Mann J et al, eds Aids in the World, vol II. New York: Oxford University Press, pp 252-258
    • Between the Sheets: Sexual Diaries and Gay Men's Sex in the Era of Aids, London: Cassell (The “non-survey” main report of SIGMA)
  • 1999 
    • Parallel Accounts?  Discrepancies Between Self-report (Diary) and Recall (Questionnaire) Measures of the Same Sexual Behaviour, Aids Care,11(2), 221-234
    • Sorting Data: Collection and Analysis, Newbury Pk, Ca: Sage Publications (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, 07-127) Definitive monograph on Sorting Method, as used in SIGMA
  • 2000 How many account for how much?  The concentration of high-risk sexual behaviour among gay men. Journal of Sex Research, 37(1), 1-7
  • 2004 Gay men and AIDS: Project Sigma's Approach and Method , Radical Statistics:  83 (Special Edition: Sexuality and Radical Research)


  • 1977 Social process and ethnic identity, in G Williams, ed, Identity and Language in Wales, London:  Routledge
  • 1982 “2.1511" :  Implications of the British methodological tradition  (P F Lazarsfeld Memorial Lecture), Quantitative Sociology Newsletter, #28
  • 1983 Men in the Kitchen, in A Murcott, ed. The Sociology of Food and Eating: the social significance of food, Aldershot, Gower
  • 2005 Understanding Sexual Diversity, in A. Linzey and R. Kirker, eds. Gays and the Future of Anglicanism, Winchester: O books, pp 228-242
  • 2006 Mills, D, A. Jepson, T. Coxon,  M. Easterby-Smith, P. Hawkins, J. Spencer, Demographic Review of the UK Social Sciences, ESRC: Training and Development Board. (retrieved 14/4/2008)
  • The quality in quantitative methods (with M.Max Bergman), pp 52-78 Integrating qualitative and quantitative data: what does the user need? (Pp 141-152) Both in  Qualitative Inquiry:  Research, Archiving and Re-use, M.M. Bergman and T.S. Eberle,eds. Bern: Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. (retrieved 14/4/2008)