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Research Profile

Ms Ruth Dineen  

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • 2012 In: Crowe, A. & Flint, D. (eds). ‘Co-production: all in this together’ HEA-ADM Networks, Issue 16, January 2012
  • 2012 In: Crowe, A. & Flint, D. (eds). ‘Audio Assessment & Student Learning’ HEA-ADM Networks, Issue 16, January 2012
  • 2008 In: Kaufman, J. et al. (eds). 'The effectiveness of western creative teaching methods in China: an action research project' Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, Feb 2008.
  • 2006 In: Drew, L. (ed). ‘The promotion of creativity in learners: theory and practice.’ Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education. Sage 4 (3).
  • 2005 In: Atkinson, D. et al, (eds). ‘Killing the goose; conflicts between politics and pedagogy.’ International Journal of Art & Design Education, Spring 2005, Blackwell Publishing.

Web articles

  • 2011 Audio assessment and student learning; Dineen, R. & Grove White, A. Gwalla resources.

Book Chapters

  • 2006 Views from the chalk face: lecturers’ and students’ perspectives on the development of creativity in art & design. In: Jackson, N. (ed). Developing creativity in higher education. London: Routledge Keegan.

Book Contributions

  • 2010 Assessing Creativity in Architecture and Design. In: Williams, A. & Ostwald, M. (eds) University of Newcastle, Australia / Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC)

Conference publications

  • 2005 ‘The Eureka Moment; promoting creativity in post-compulsory art & design’ in Enhancing the Curriculum, Centre for Learning & Teaching in Art & Design, London UA
  • 2004 ‘Out of the Box; promoting creativity in learners’ in Creativity and Innovation, E W L Norman et al (eds) Design & Technology Association, Warwick

Selected conference presentations

  • 2012 Designs on learning: the role of the undergraduate research symposium, HEA / Arts University College at Bournemouth
  • 2011 Assessment & Motivation; University of Wales Administration and Quality Conference, Cardiff
  • 2010 Developing creativity in a culture of conformity; International Perspectives in Art and Design Pedagogy Conference, Leeds College of Art & Design
  • 2009 The liberty bodice approach to assessment; CSAD Learning & Teaching Day, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
  • 2009 Wales Centre for Creative Pedagogy symposium (co-instigator & co-ordinator)
  • 2008 Transformative & emancipatory pedagogic models; CSAD Learning & Teaching Day, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
  • 2007 Creativity or Conformity: building cultures of creativity in HE (conference instigator, advisory group member, referee)
  • 2007 British Council Chongqing: Creativity in Education; one-day seminar for government policy-makers (coordinator and speaker)

Selected international lectures & presentations

  • Mainyang College of Art & Design, Chongqing, China, March 2008 seminar series to Director and staff: Creative teaching and teaching creativity presentation to President, Directorate and staff: Designing a creative curriculum
  • Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China, 2005 - 2008 Chongqing public lecture: Encouraging student creativity Sichuan Design Department Director and staff: Creativity and conformity seminar series to Director and staff of Design Department & SFAI Art Education Department: Encouraging student creativity presentation to President, Directorate and staff: UK creative teaching methods
  • Chongqing Institute of Arts & Technology, China, March 2007 lecture: Becoming creative