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Research Profile

Ms Ruth Dineen  

  • Current Research

    October 2011- undertaking project into co-production as a method of service delivery, community-building and wellbeing.

    Related Initiatives

    • October 2011 – current: Leading an action research project to co-produce an electronic open-access, all-sector Co-production Resource for those wishing to work in this way. Co-ordinating the contributions of over 90 participants from UK and USA.
    • February 2012: Instigated All in this Together (AitT), an action network of government-advisors, senior civil servants, public service managers, front-line professionals and citizens. Our co-produced aim is to define a Welsh model of co-production that builds on our traditions of co-operatives and mutuals, and to place this approach at the heart of public services in Wales.
    • February – November 2012: Set up a series of All in this Together open meetings/seminars. Three have been held to date, with over 250 participants in total.
    • December 2012: Instigated a collaborative visit to the Scottish Government’s Joint Improvement Team and co-production colleagues for ministers, policy advisors, senior civil servants, public sector leaders and professionals.
    • January 2012 – current: Increased the membership of the Wales Regional Group of the nef-hosted Co-production Practitioners’ Network, now the largest in the UK. Organised inaugural meeting.
    • May 2012: Member of Steering Group for Communities Can 2012 conference
    • June 2012: Member of Steering Group for Co-operative Care initiative
    • October 2012: Liaising with Megan Mathias of Public Services Wales 2025 and other colleagues to produce a co-production briefing paper for the Health and Social Care Committee and to provide evidence to the Committee.

    Previous Research

    • 2009-2011 Joint project leader: Assessment and Student Motivation (Cardiff School of Art & Design)
    • 2006-2008 Project leader: Creative Teaching & Teaching Creativity (with Professor Niu, Yale University, USA and Vice-President Zhang, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China.)
    • 2005-2006 Project leader: the Promotion of Creativity in Learners

    Related Initiatives

    • Instigator/academic committee member for HEA-funded international conference Creativity or Conformity: building cultures of creativity in higher education Cardiff, 2007
    • Director of joint exhibition Creativity in Education Chongqing & Cardiff, 2007
    • Academic Advisor for British Council ‘Creativity in Education’ Seminar, Chongqing, 2007