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Research Profile

Mr Conghua Xue 

Selected Publications

Xue, C. (2007). An International View of the Reform on Maritime Vocational Education (in Chinese). Vocational Education Research.Vol.4 No.10, pp.21-23, 2007,  CN12-1358/G4, ISSN1672-5727

Xue, C. (2007). On Seafarers’ Intercultural Communicative Competency Cultivation and Maritime English Teaching Reform (in Chinese). Tianjin Navigation.Tianjin Navigation, No.2 (96), pp.43-47, 2007, ISSN 1005-9660/ CN 12-1129/U.

Tang, G. &  Xue, C. (2006). Higher Maritime Vocational and Technological Education and the Export of Seafarers in China(in Chinese). In Conference Proceedings of Shenzhen International Maritime Forum:Quality Seafarers (pp.243-246). Shenzhen: China Maritime Safety Administration.

Xue, C. & Liu, G. (2005). The Application Analysis of Ship Handling Simulators in Listening & Speaking Training of English for Navigation(in Chinese), Tianjin Navigation, No.3 (96), pp.53-55, 2005, ISSN 1005-9660/ CN 12-1129/U.

Xue, C. (2005). Discussion on the Situated Education  Method in Maritime English Teaching(in Chinese). Higher Education Forum. No.6(92), pp. 137-139,2005, ISSN 1671-9719/ CN 45-1312/G4.

Xue, C. (Dec., 2004). The Function and Application of the Autopilot for NT PRO 3000 Ship Handling Simulator. Maritime Education Research(in Chinese), pp.62-64 Special Issue, ISSN 1006-8724/CN 21-1305/G4.

Xue, C. (2004). Seafarers’ shipboard training: a gateway to safer voyages. In WMU SASAKAWA Chinese Fellows’ Forum Proceedings: To Achieve Quality Shipping Worldwide,Shanghai,2-3November,2004(pp.121-127). Shanghai Maritime University in Cooperation with the Nippon Foundation and Ship & Ocean Foundation. ISBN 4-88404-153-4.

Xue, C. (2004). Consideration of Constructing a Marine Information Highway in China(in Chinese), Journal of Nantong Vocational & Technical Shipping College, Vol.3 No.1, pp. 30-32, ISSN1671/ CN32-1686/Z.