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Research Profile

Mr Mark Whiteley 

Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 76217
contact info:

Address:2.23 Glamorgan Building


Following a mixed bag in career terms including playing bass in a punk band called The Folk Devils, a stint at the BBC, building dry stone walls, dispatch riding, session guitar work, travelling, working in a factory, running a recording studio, lifeguard and various random club jobs, returned to education in 2002 gaining a first in Social Policy at Bangor in 2006.  Now settled into the life of an aspiring academic here at Cardiff.

Research Interests

Drug use and addiction, the impact of regeneration on drug users and other excluded subpopulations, processes of stigmatisation, and labelling.

I have recently been acting as a consultant to the BBC Week in Week Out team and have made regular radio and TV appearances in discussions pertaining to the heroin scene in Wales and beyond, including a response to Jack Straw's introduction of a drug court in Cardiff.  This has been an ideal platform for disseminating ideas that would otherwise be ignored.  Based on extensive personal experience in dealing with journalists and the TV media I would advise all academics to approach any interaction with the media carefully.  Great attention must be paid to empirical evidence thereby avoiding claims of bias or unprofessional conduct. Now more than ever as academics we have the opportunity to engage in the democratic process.

Conference Papers

One paper presented thus far on sampling strategies with difficult to access populations.

PhD Topic/ Area

The governance and policy implications of heroin use, stigmatization, labelling, and exclusionary legislation.


Prof Mike Levi

Dr Tom Hall