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Research Profile

Ms Desai Shan 

Position:MSc Social Science Research Methods Student
School:Social Sciences


Desai Shan is from a background of maritime law. After getting the Bachelor degree in law from Dalian Maritime University, she had worked in a maritime law firm as a paralegal with Legal Professional Qualification for one year in China. Through the legal practice, She accumulated relevant experience in dealing with damage claims rising from seafarers’ injuries and death at sea in China. This experience encouraged her to take further research in seafarers’ casualty compensation system in China.

Research Interests

  • Indemnity methods of seafarers’ injuries and death
  • Chinese legal reforms on seafarers’ casualty compensation system
  • Chinese social insurance system and seafarers’ welfare improvement

PhD Topic / Area

The Seafarers’ Casualty  Compensation System in China and the Reform Suggestions.


Prof Helen Sampson

Prof David Walters