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Research Profile

Mr Liam James Rowley  

Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology and English
  • PGCE FE Cert Ed in Psychology
  • MSc Social Science Research Methods

Research Interests

I am interested in combining on-line gaming technology with relational aesthetics with a view to exploring imagined subjectivities through art education. Drawing on Guattari’s (1995) ethico-aesthetic paradigm, and the method of auto-modelization, my research will a strategy of reorganized educational pedagogy, with the aim of inventing new public relations and new models of sociability through contemporary museum practice and their outreach programmes. It is envisaged that cultural institutions such as museums can become a linking element with the social milieu, whilst also helping those people vulnerable to the effects of social exclusion. By using virtual gaming technology to map subjectivities, education practitioners in the arts will be able to extract those affective part objects that show a capacity to open up new vistas, and help model an imagined future event or situation. Consequently, it is proposed that museum outreach programmes can enable young people to convey their own system of modelizing subjectivity by allowing them to draw an immersive cartography of references composed of mythical, ritual, and symptomatological references related to their affects and anguishes. Through this virtual map of becoming, young people as ethico-aesthetic artists will be able to manage their inhibitions and drives, turning the setting of their life, their links with physical and conceptual world into a lasting world.  

PhD Topic / Area

Virtual Worlds and Art Education


Prof Valerie Walkerdine

Dr Matthew Williams