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Research Profile

Ms Louise Madden 

Selected Publications

Madden, L (2011) Affect and the body: Methods for researching bodiliness, movement and experience. Affect, Subjectivity and Social Order/Disorder - the 4th Conference of the Psychosocial Studies Network, University of Brighton, June.

Madden, L (2010) Relationships and Connection: Working with embodied social relations, Presentation for progress review at end of second year, Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, February.

Madden, L(2010) Relationships and Connection: Gender in embodied social relations, Lancaster Sociology Summer Conference, June.

Madden, L (2010) Relationships and Connection: Gender in embodied social relations, Gender and Difference Conference,  Gregynog Hall, University of Wales, May.

Madden, L (2010) Follow the Users! Methods to address women's internet use through experience and embodiment, Invited talk at Digital Methods, Cultural Politics and Feminist Approaches at the centre for Material Digital Culture at University of Sussex, July.

Madden, L (2009) Reading Gender Relationally Through the Space of the Home: A story about video shops and bitTORRENT, Invited talk for Assuming Gender seminar series, Cardiff School of English Communication and Philosophy, November.

Madden, L (2009) Integrating the Internet Into Women's Lives, Haste, H (Ed) Identity, Communities and Citizenship, Futurelab, Bristol,

Madden, L (2009) Online Gaming and Embodied Subjectivities: Methods to reach women's social story of gaming, Human IT, 10 (1), 1-25

Madden (2008) Producing Gender in Relation to Internet use: The implications of considering materiality. Material Culture a Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Cardiff University Graduate Centre, January.

Madden (2007) Online Gaming and Feminine Subjectivities: Methods to reach the social story of gaming, Game’in Action, Goteborg University, Sweden. June 2007.

Madden, L (2006) Producing women on the internet: The lost body in online discourse; Virtual Ethnography in Contemporary Social Sciece; International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam; September.

Madden, L (2006) Women using the internet: Interrogating the gap between online and offline; Constructing Identities, Cardiff University, June,

Madden, L (2006) Embodiment, Being-in-the-world, and Gender in Online Discourse;  Technology, Performance and Identity: Mediation, Remediation and the Politics of Self, Arts & Media 8th annual conference, Buckingham Chilterns University, April.

Madden, L (2006) Using Phenomenology to Find the Lost Body in Online Discourse; Connections 5, University of Bristol, February

Fitz, J., Taylor, C., Pugsley, L., Madden, L., Stephens, N., Lewis, J., Smith, M. (2005) ‘Attitudes towards Participation in Higher Education in Wales 2005’. Research Report 2 Fair and Flexible Funding : A welsh model to promote quality and access in higher education. Final Report of an Independent Study into the devolution of the Student Support System and Tuition Fee Regime in Wales. (The Rees Review — CD-ROM) and ISBN 0 7504 3658 1

Madden, L & Smith, M. (2004) ‘How Does Anonymity in Cyberspace Operate to Produce Gendered Subjectivities?’ Pleasure and Danger Revisited: Sexuality in the 21st Century Conference, Cardiff University.

Madden, L (2004)’ Locating The Social in the Language of Computer Mediated Sexuality: The case of sexualised spamming in real time chat.’, Conference of International Congress of Sexology, Brighton.

Madden, L (2003) ‘Locating The Social In Cyberspace: How gendered harassment crosses the gap’; International Conference of Critical Psychology; University of Bath.

Gorard, S., Selwyn, N.  and  Madden, L.   (2003)   ‘Logged on to Learning?  Assessing the Impact of Technology on Participation in Lifelong Learning’ International Journal of Lifelong Learning, 22, 3, pp 281-296, 22, 3

Selwyn, N., Gorard, S., Furlong, J. and Madden, L (2003) ‘Older Adults’ Use of ICT in Everyday Life’ Ageing and Society, 23, 6

Madden, L., Selwyn, N., Furlong, J. and Gorard, S. (2002) "Calculating the Digital Divide" , Spiked []

Madden, L., Selwyn, N.  and  Gorard, S.   (2002)   Adult Learning@Home: Selecting the Research Sites’  Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences Occasional Paper 52,  ISBN 1-872330-95-9, 64 pages