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Research Profile

Ms Cecilia Love  

Conference Papers / Publications


Holland, S. and Love, C. (Forthcoming) 'Fostering and Adoption practice'; in Davies, M. Social Work with Children and Families from Policy to Practice. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.


Conference Papers

BAAF Leeds Stepping up to Excellence: Developing Good Practice in meeting the needs of Black, Asian and mixed heritage children.

Edinburgh University New Researchers conference 'The emergence of transracial adoption'

Cardiff University Postdoctoral Social Work conference 'Historical dimensions of transracial adoption'

Edinburgh University Changing Families in a Changing World international conference 'Affective dimensions of transracial adoption

Cardiff University Gender and Sexualities Research Group 'The single mother and her child: Historical connections to present approaches'

Cardiff University: Class in Wales conference 'Affective dimensions of transracial adoption: Feeling class'.

Cardiff University: Postgraduate cafe 'The Emergence of transracial adoption'

Cardiff University: Health and Society Research group: Emotional dimensions of transracial adoption.

Race Equality Foundation London: Transracial adoption policy and practice

Cardiff University Social Work Lecture series: Guest speaker


Workshop and Training Sessions

BAAF Cymru: Facilitation of training workshop informed by PhD findings for social work practitioners and transracial adoptive parents.

Edinburgh university: Delivered seminar informed by PhD findings     for social work practitioners and academics.

Cardiff University: Plenary panel member at Researching Affect seminar series.