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Research Profile

Mr Christopher Higgins 

Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences

Address:1-3 Museum Place

Research Interests

  • Subjectivity; 
  • Lacanian psychoanalytic theory; 
  • Žižekian Ideology critique; 
  • Critical theory; 
  • Ethical consumption.

PhD Topic / Area

My research aims to augment, and problematise, extant research and consumer-oriented activism, education and policy initiatives related to ethical consumption through a critical engagement with the iconoclastic work of Slavoj Žižek — in particular his notion that subjects “know very well what they’re doing but they’re doing it anyway” — who, it is argued, presents a new way of thinking our social world and our being in that world. Specifically, I aim to: explore why information about the exploitative social relations underpinning commodity production and exchange, and the unsustainability of current patterns of consumption, does not disrupt the affective-constructive dimensions of consumption. Moreover, I aim to provide a complex understanding of the mechanisms underpinning consumers’ libidinal investments in certain consumption practices, in addition to empirically classifying the ideologico-political construction of ethical consumption and sustainability within policy initiatives.


Prof Valerie Walkerdine

Dr Fabio Vighi