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Research Profile

Mr Lee Gregory 


Refereed Articles

Gregory, L. (2010) ‘An Opportunity Lost? Exploring the benefits of the Child Trust Fund on youth transitions into adulthood’; Youth and Policy 106 pp. 78-94 

Gregory, L and Drakeford, M. (2011) ‘Just another financial institution? Tensions in the future of credit unions in the UK’ Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. 19 (2) pp. 117-129

Gregory, L. (Forthcoming) ‘Time and Punishment: a comparison of UK and US time bank use in criminal justice systems’; Journal of Comparative Social Welfare

Gregory, L. (2009) ‘Spending Time Locally: The Benefits of Time Banks for Local Economies’; Local Economy 24 (4) pp. 323 – 333

Gregory, L. (2009) ‘Change Takes Time: Exploring the Structural and Development Issues of Time Banking’; International Journal of Community Currencies 13 pp.19-36

Gregory, L. and Drakeford, M. (2005) ‘Social Work, Asset-based Welfare and the Child Trust Fund’; British Journal of Social Work, advanced access published November 23 2005; in British Journal of Social Work (2006) 36. pp. 149-157

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L (2010) ‘Transforming Time: A New Tool for Youth Justice’; in Youth Justice 10 (2) pp. 143-156

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L. (2008) ‘Avoiding sub-prime lenders: credit unions and their diversification in Wales’; Research Policy and Planning 26 (2)

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L. (2008) ‘Anti-poverty practice and the changing world of credit unions: new tools for social workers’; Practice: Social Work in Action 20 (3) pp.141-150


Book Chapters

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L. (2011) ‘Governance and Social Policy in a Devolved Wales’; in Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice in a Devolved Wales. (Second Ed.) Williams, C. (ed) Venture Press: Birmingham pp. 21 – 34

Drakeford, M and Gregory L (2010) ‘Asset-based welfare and youth justice: making it local’; in Brayford, J.; Cowe, F. and Deering, J. (eds) What Else Works? Creative Work with Offenders. Devon: Willian Publishing. pp. 155 – 168


Conference Papers

Gregory, L. (2011) ‘Neo-liberal compensation or radical alternative: time bank supported co-production in the big society’; presented at Contestations and Continuations: Health and Welfare in the Big Society, Cardiff University, January 2011 

Gregory, L. (2010) 'Time in Service Design: exploring the use of time credits to deliver social policies'; presented at Social Policy Association Conference 2010, Lincoln University, July 2010

Gregory, L. (2010) 'Local people rebuilding their commuities - the essence of time banks?'; presented at WISERD Summer Conference, Cardiff University, June 2010

Gregory, L. (2010) ‘Assets and sustainable transitions – the role of the child trust fund’; presented at ESRC Seminar on the Welsh Addition to the Child Trust Fund, Welsh Assembly Government, January 2010

Gregory, L. (2008) ‘Why Workers in the Criminal Justice System Should be Interested in Money’; presented at Creative Work with Offenders and Other Socially Excluded People, Newport University, April 2008


Working Papers

Gregory, L. (2010) ‘Time in Service Design: exploring the use of time credits to deliver social policies’, working paper 132. Published by Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF10 3WT

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L. (2007) ‘Sleeping Giants: unlocking the potential of Credit Unions in Wales’, working paper 97. Published by Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff. CF10 3WT.


Other Publications

Gregory, L (2011) ‘Opportunity Lost’ Progressonline accessible from (here)

Gregory, L (2010) ‘Debt and Financial Exclusion. Dear Prime Minister’ Policy World (Summer 2010) p.15  (here)

Gregory, L. (21/09/09) ‘A timely intervention’ Progressonline accessible from

Gregory, L.  (June 2009) ‘Time: a new approach’ Ideas Wales accessible from

Gregory, L. (11/06/09) ‘An Enhanced Citizenship’ Progressonline accessible from

Gregory, L. (23/03/09) ‘Defending the Trust Fund’ Progressonline accessible from