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Research Profile

Mrs Claire Crawford 


Conference Papers

Crawford (2010) Educating for Citizenship? The case of the Welsh Baccalaureate Paper presented at the engagED seminar series ‘Building Voice, Civic Action and Learning’, Cambridge University, 12/07/10

Crawford (2011) Educating for Citizenship in Quasi-Federal Wales? What can we learn from England and the USA? Paper to be presented at the 2011 American Education Research Association Annual Meeting ‘Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good, New Orleans Marriott, New Orleans, 8-12/04/11 (Forthcoming)

Crawford (2011) Standardised Testing and its Impact on the Young Civic Self Paper to be presented at the 7th CitizED International Conference ‘Citizenship Education and Civic Engagement’, Emory University, Atlanta, 12-14/05/11 (Forthcoming)



Crawford (2011) Educating for Citizenship? A Case Study in Wales Submitted to Education, Citizenship and Social Justice (under review)


Working Paper

Crawford (2011) Ethnography: A Family Affair


Virtual Research