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Research Profile

Ms Amber Fensham 

Amber Fensham
Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+ 44 (0)29 208 74436
contact info:

Address:Room 2.07, 1-3 Museum Place


  • PhD Sociology (Education Pathway), Cardiff University (+3 ESRC funded): 2012- present
  • MSc, Social Science Research Methods (Sociology), University of Bristol; with Distinction in dissertation entitled: ‘Knuckling down and getting on with life’: The telling of two learner identities storied across youth transitions, 2011-2012
  • BA Sociology (First Class honours), The University of Durham; dissertation entitled: ‘Virtually telling stories: Cyber-sociality and governmentality in Second Life’, 2008-2011

Research Interests

  • Home-education
  • E-learning & learner identities
  • Cybercultures; digital networking and sociality
  • Situational analysis

PhD Topic/Area

An exploration of the role of online networks on the reconfiguration of home-education


This thesis aims to explore the place, use and purpose of online networks for home-education. Subsidiary to this, it aims to analyse the significance of these technologies for challenging representations of home-education and rethinking the relationship between the individual and the collective in education.

The focal research questions will explore:

  1. What are the representations of home-education?
  2. What is the nature and intended purpose of online networks for home-education?
  3. In what ways are online networks re-appropriated and selectively embedded in aspects of home-education?
  4. In what ways can ‘the social’ be re-theorized from this?

Research Supervisor/s

Professor Sally Power and Dr. Peter Hemming